This Christmas we have for you at Ekohunters everything you need to enjoy your holidays whatever your plan. If you like to ski, skate, travel, listen to music do not forget to visit our section «lifestyle» and choose the look that best suits you or navigate among all the options we have to perform the activity that you like whether surfing, skateboarding, skiing everything at your fingertips in a few clicks.

Ekohunters is committed to the sustainability of all its products. All our designers follow strict manufacturing methods that result in products with a high standard of eco-effectiveness, raising the quality of them as well as offering commitment and responsibility in terms of sustainability.


Skies Digitalis – buy on Ekohunters for 1258€


Whatever the activity or the desired product, skiing, surfing, photography, music or a backpack with which you can travel to your favorite place, come into ekohunters and choose what you like.


Bugle Original Longboard – buy on Ekohunters for 900.00€


Lock Sledge – buy on Ekohunters for 230.00€Lock

View our lifestyle section and search our extensive catalog of Tech & Gadgets, sports, fashion and accessories the items you like. whether for you or to give away this Christmas, be sure to visit


Longboard Pintail 40″Classic – buy on Ekohunters for 320.00€


Sliver Eco Surfboards

Noise Rider Longboard – buy on Ekohunters for 1779.00€

Sliver Eco Surfboards

If you are passionate about photography, try scenography. The essence of photography, the camera obscura. Do it with any of our Nopo cameras.


Nopo 135 – buy on Ekohunters for 150€


If you are one of those people who like to go fashion, do it in a sustainable way with these accessories that we propose.

Deriva Sailmakers1701 Valeria backpack -buy on Ekohunters for 103.00€

Deriva Sailmakers

1701 Valeria backpack – buy on Ekohunters for 103.00€

Deriva Sailmakers

Change your look in our sunglasses catalogue by entering the fashion accessories section.

WoodglassClassic Nogal – buy on Ekohunters for 129.00€

Dick moby

LHR – buy on Ekohunters for 165.00€

Dick moby

CPT Havana – buy on Ekohunters for 175.00€

If you like to carry all your music on your mobile, listen to it anywhere with Ecophonic’s handmade loudspeakers


Uno Universal chestnut loudspeaker -buy on Ekohunters for 30.00€


Universal Retro loudspeaker– buy on Ekohunters for 60.00€

ecophonic, wooden loudspeakers

Committed to sustainability.

Buy responsibly, buy local and avoid generating logistic emissions.

Take advantage of our special discount for individual customers of 15% on all our items in the category LIFE STYLE and enjoy a sustainable winter.

Offer valid from 6 to 12 December 2018.Ekohunters