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10 sustainable toys and why they are good for the child’s health

A new Christmas is approaching and with it the purchases that correspond to Christmas gifts. Although we’re convinced that the most important thing on these holidays is to share time with loved ones, we’re also aware of the culture and consumption habits that surround the Christmas celebrations. We even understand that the act of giving is endowed most of the time with a feeling of love and desire to generate happiness in those we love.

For this reason, in this new edition of our Ekoblog we want to motivate you so that your gifts this Christmas not only mean love for your family but also for the planet we live on. In the first place we share our other blog article: A guide to choosing sustainable toys, and secondly we invite you to read this one carefully and discover 10 of our sustainable toys and why they are good for the child’s health. 

Sustainable toys to learn while playing

Both play and learning are essential activities in the life of any child. The incentive of both aspects is extremely necessary for a healthy and potential growth. So, what better gift than giving toys that fulfill both functions at the same time? And we aren’t referring to the fact of teaching children to take care of the world around them, although this is no less important, but here we’re referring to toys specially designed to directly go through the infant’s learning process.

For example, Chalking o’clock is a toy made of beech wood that is an alarm clock slate that invites every child to discover the concept of time in a simple and fun way.


Mathematics is never one of anyone’s favorite subjects in the school. So, imagine for the little ones… But Chalking Sumouse makes the challenge of learning to subtract and add an easy and fun experience. It’s a sustainable beech wood toy made up of several slates and mice to group and ungroup depending on what you want to teach.


Building blocks for intuition, self-esteem and organization

Games that involve blocks are highly beneficial for a number of qualities of all people but more especially for infants because they’re in full development stage. Playing with blocks encourages their independence by solving it alone. So, they gain security and confidence in their own possibilities and capabilities. It also improves their intuition and their sense of organization as they learn to set priorities necessary for blocks to become buildings. There isn’t a ceiling without a base and two columns …

Among our models of sustainable toys is Arching, it’s a semi-circular arch made up of 43 pieces of beech wood. A design that invites everyone to return to the time of the ancient Romans and, without the help of glue or cement, build towers, arches, imposts and tympanums.


Then, you cannot miss the Wood Blocks collection that comes in a set of between 100, up to 500 pieces! All of them are made by hand and in high quality linden wood. They’re light and without splinters. In other words, they’re 100% safe for boys and girls over 3 years old.


Sustainable toys for motor and visual acuity

Finally, we would like to tell you about wooden toys that are miniature replicas of means of transport, such as cars, ships and airplanes. As mobility is one of its main characteristics, the boys and girls who make use of them will be stimulating their motor system. In the same way it will happen with their visual acuity since in order not to lose the toy from your field of vision, they’ll need to concentrate their eyes on it and follow it carefully. They’ll also learn about the impending cause – effect relationship, when pushing the toy will advance it. Thus they’ll begin to internalize that each of their actions has consequences.

In this sense we present you to the Puzzle Cars set. It’s a toy made of certified birch wood composed of 4 square cars. With it, in addition to all the benefits mentioned previously, the infant will stimulate their creativity and the development of patience because it’s a puzzle.


Then there is the Green Riders collection, consisting of a car to travel the entire world, a sail boat to navigate the seven seas, a helicopter to see everything from the sky and a scooter to discover new cities. All of them are made of beech wood from sustainable forests.


Finally, we’ve a beech wood sled for fun gliding through the fluffy, white and ephemeral snow world. Joy assured for children, sustainable health for the environment.


Remember that you can read our article A guide to choosing sustainable toys to learn more about how to choose eco friendly toys this Christmas. We also invite you to our ecological toys section to discover all the products that we have available at Ekohunters.