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3 definitive reasons to choose wooden toys for children

What toys do you want to bring to your children? We find extremely interesting to begin the article with this question. If the answer consists of a single word and this is “funny” let us tell you that wooden toys can give children much more than funny moments. In fact, we want to classify wooden toys as “healthy toys” as opposed to plastic ones, full of lights and movements.

Whether games are guided or not, those toys that accompany children during their first years of life will be crucial in their sensory development, imagination, manipulation and coordination of movements. Therefore, in this article, we share the benefits of wooden toys so that you understand the value of the material, the design and even the philosophy of this type of toy in children’s growth.


They’re sustainable

The first reason to mention is that wooden toys are sustainable, wood is natural. It can be biodegraded or even recycled into new wooden objects. In addition, if the wood comes from certified forests, the wooden toy will have a plus in sustainability since this means that the fall of the trees is controlled and regulated so that it doesn’t harm the environment.

For example, all the wood used to manufacture Cucuducho toys come from sustainable plantations and have the corresponding FSC / PEFC certifications to back up. Its wooden toys are characterized by stimulating children’s imagination and enhancing their sensitivity. They’re designers committed to education and culture.


The same happens with the wooden toys from Stories in Structures presented as puzzles simultaneously as they’re pieces of architectural design with a high decorative design and 100% local production in Denmark. We invite you to take a look at the collections of these two firms and delight yourself with their exclusive certified wooden toys.


In addition, by giving wooden toys, you give environmental awareness from an early age and a connection with nature that brings countless benefits. Teaching children to respect the world around them through the joy of playing will lead them to respect it in many other aspects.

They develop skills

In general, wooden toys are much simpler than plastic ones. They don’t have lights, sounds or movements. It’s precisely the child who gives life to the toy, who invents its history, rules, and steps. For example, Wonki can be a soldier, a girl, a soul from another planet or simply a living doll. There are no limits to children’s imagination. The best thing is that Wonki only exists by the sum of its magnetic parts. Thus, it’s not only the imagination that will improve but also logic and fine motor skills.


Thus, much more than plastic toys, wooden toys invite children to participate actively in the game, as is the case with the Lindenwood building blocks or as puzzles as Archy. This toy encourages the child to build arches while learning a bit of ancient Roman engineering. 


They accompany the growth of children

As the boy or girl grows, the use of wooden toys will change but without losing the educational value. At first, the use may be rather basic, focusing on the motor skills and then migrating to a more complex use with an emphasis on imagination and logic development. In the beginning, Nanoemo can simply be pieces that fit together and later can be part of the emotional communication of children.


Chalking Sumouse may begin its story as a blackboard where the children can draw scribbles with chalk and play with its little mice to become, over time, a fun, dynamic and educational tool to teach children mathematics.


By this, we mean that, although many toys usually come with suggested age ranges, wooden toys are very versatile and the ways of using them can be hundreds, connecting with multiple ages and levels of ability.

More than 50 wooden toys

On Ekohunters, we’ve more than 70 sustainable toys that, in addition to providing fun and education to children, also provide them with health and awareness. Of those, more than 50 are wooden toys and you can find out about them by clicking here. We’re convinced that the first years of life are the most important for developing a strong personality, a healthy belief system and a conscious lifestyle, and wooden toys can be the best allies on this route.