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5 creative floor lamps for your natural home

The lighting is one of the most important aspects when furnishing our homes. Not only because of its great functionality but also for its strong decorative imprint it can have. For this is necessary choose the most suitable lamps in terms of style, color and materials. As at Ekohunters we like going  further, we’ll show you not only some of our most beautiful and eco-friendly floor lamps, but also the most creative ones to make your home spaces, unique places.  

Simple & attractive

In first place, our Moolin floor lamp. An impressive and modern piece designed by Lasfera firm available in 4 different sizes. A german lamp that has a whole story behind it: its creator’s and production’s. It’s 100% handcrafted with the traditional technique of bamboo bending and with a sustainable commitment from time zero. By clicking here you can get to know more about the Lasfera ecological  commandments and see all its products.

moolin-lasfera-ekohunters-bamboo-lamp (2)

The puzzle floor lamp

One of the queens of creativity on our website because of its entire concept . With the Lese floor lamp, you’ll be in charge of assembling it as a puzzle. So you are the co-creator of this modular furniture from the Lock firm. As it’s made with beech wood, it has great durability and firmness. Ready for a long useful and sustainable life. 

This belgian floor lamp, like the previously mentioned, is ideal for general lighting since it has a large white lampshade which you can also customize to the color you want! 

lese-floor-natural-lamp-ekohunters-lock_1 (2)

Double functionality

Because we love to get the most out of every corner, we are fans of objects that fulfill more than one function. This is the case of the Reine Mere Selene floor lamp. In it you’ll not only find an extra light point for your room but also a table with an optimal size for your book, an ornament or that cup of coffee that accompanies you in a full reading.

Another of the things we like the most about this french lamp is that it’s made with eco- friendly processes and materials. The wood that composes it comes from sustainable Jura forests. Remember if you are looking for a lamp for your reading moments, the ideal is choosing a cold light. And it is better if it’s a led bulb, so it’ll be even more sustainable for the planet and for your wallet! 


The floor lamp thought to be a stool

In fact it is a stool! Continuing with objects that has double functionality, we cannot forget the Tumba floor lamp by INDI firm. Its minimalism, originality and 100% sustainable nature, make this design the winner of all our applauses. Although it’s hard to believe that it’s not, because of its resemblance, this industrial style lamp simulates being a heavy piece of concrete when actually it’s entirely made of recycled paper. This makes it very light and therefore easy to move from one place to another.

In addition, it is a circular design in its truest form. It is not only created based on recycled raw material but also, when you want to, you can return it to INDI so its material can be reused in new creations and thus you get a 50% discount on your new purchase. This methodology is applicable to all the products of the firm. Don’t miss to see them, click here!


When the plants are even in the lamps

It is not news that at Ekohunters we are plant lovers and if you are one too, in addition to recommending that you take a look at the article “5 decoration ideas with indoor plants” we want to show you the Sophie Planted floor lamp. Made of steel and with a height of 145 cm, it has an ideal structure for climbing plants.

You can place it indoor, for example in some corner of your living room, hallway and even in the kitchen! Of course, remember to locate it near to some entrance of natural light and away from heat or smoke currents. But if your idea is to illuminate the exterior, you can turn it into the garden’s night show, it will get all eyes on it.