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5 sustainable and creative ceiling lamps

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of decorating our home. The intensity, position, and direction of light are responsible for highlighting the rest of the objects in the house and creating specific environments for each room. In addition, the lamps can become a strong decorative element depending on their imprint, style, and size. For these reasons, in this article, we want to introduce you to 5 of our most creative sustainable ceiling lamps so that the lighting in your home doesn’t go unnoticed.

Colors, geometries and combinations

The German firm Schneid places particular emphasis on local production. It supports local manufacturers, keeps supply routes short, and uses natural, local materials as a basis for its products. All this results in less greenhouse gas emissions and thus more health for the planet.

Schneid has a sustainable ceiling lamp collection called Junit, characterized by its intense colors and the bold geometric shapes of its elements. These two aspects combined to generate a distinguished, warm and original atmosphere wherever you decide to place them.


This collection inspired by the Bauhaus movement is made of high-quality ash wood, with natural finishes and various colors. In fact, Junit has ten combination variants of its pieces to choose from. It includes a large light bulb with a milky glass that produces a warm light, ideal for creating cozy environments.

Nature as inspiration for creation

Just as nature strives for structure and order while adapting to the environment, designer Jaanus Orgusaar tries to do the same by translating that method into his designs. Thus, inspired by nature’s geometry and using two-dimensional laminate material combined with his creativity, he creates distinguishable objects and unique spatial experiences.

There is an exceptional product within its catalog that we would like to present you with this opportunity: the sustainable ceiling lamp 8 Cells. The design consists of 8 modules established around a central module thanks to a unique fixing pin creating a structure that seems to have no end. In the center, a light source that, with the help of the structure of the lamp itself and the semitransparent wood as raw material, creates a soft lighting and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The illusion of concrete

Among the eco-designers of Ekohunters, we’re pleased to have the presence of Indi, the first circular brand in Lithuania. Indi is recognized for its original creations and its Repaper technology. When you see their objects, you’ll believe that you are in front of heavy pieces of concrete when in truth, they don’t weigh more than a few kilograms. This is because, in reality, the raw material they use is recycled paper.

The other exciting thing about the Repaper series is that they are circular design products. Once it has reached the last stage of its life cycle, the buyer can deliver it again to Indi for secondary recycling and thus pay half the new product’s price to be acquired. Suitable for the planet and good for the customer.

In this sense, we show you his sustainable ceiling lamp Plise, a contemporary version of the classic pleated model so characteristic of the 20th century. A large-format lamp, lightweight and 100% sustainable. Ideal for industrial spaces, as a decorative center in an area or hanging lighting for the dining room table.


The charm of supra-recycling

One of the sustainable trends that we like the most is supra-recycling, taking advantage of objects that have finished their life cycle to create new items of more excellent value with them. Otherwise, these products would go into the garbage can. The idea of this concept is to avoid all the processes that mean the destruction of the material after its disposal and all those related to the elaboration of new raw material.

Here are two sustainable ceiling lights from our store based on supra-recycling that we love, and we think you will too! First, the Pallet lamp from the Reez firm. This design features five transparent recycled bottles hanging from black and white herringbone textile cables from an original reused pallet base. A vintage model, which is taken from upcycling and, through the art of glass treatment, to create a unique piece with a lot of style.


Secondly, the sustainable ceiling lamp Spool by Tolhuijs. In this design, elegance and industrial design perfectly combine that the result is more than just a lamp; it is a great decorative piece that symbolizes supra-recycling. This is because Spool’s raw material is nothing more or less than recycled machine coils, which would otherwise end up as factory waste. Spool is available in different shapes and colors, including unique black and white editions, perfect for giving any space an industrial touch.