Welcome to the Ecodesign Universe

Hello, We are Ibon and Kepa, co-founders of Ekohunters. First of all, we want to thank you for your interest in our community. And secondly, tell you about our story.

Friends since childhood and fellow adventurers, we became partners some years ago, creating a consultancy specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility.

It was through our work in the consultancy that we began to deepen into the ecodesign, its history, applicability, repercussions, etc. And it was precisely this concept, ECODESIGN, that became the seed of what Ekohunters is today, a group of professionals committed to the company’s mission.

We aspire to be useful and do our bit to show that economy and sustainable development are not only not incompatible. Still, they are the key to a more just and dignified future for all the inhabitants of this planet.

Now that you know about our story, if you share our values and want to be part of the change, we will be happy to have you join our community!

Promoting a change towards a more sustainable industry and consumption.

We have created a community where we bring together the best eco-designers globally, offering an exclusive selection of sustainable furniture, lighting, decoration, lifestyle, and fashion accessories.

A community made up of individuals committed to sustainability whose purchases are indirectly contributing to the development of a more sustainable industry.

We work for the present and future generations, being consistent with our economic, social, and environmental commitment.


Ekohunters philosophy and values

We take as our own a commitment reflected in the sustainable development goals set by Europe to develop a more responsible and sustainable society.

The objectives to which Ekohunters and its users contribute directly or indirectly are the following:

Promote knowledge

We promote and educate in sustainable development through our self-developed Eko quality label , that offers information on the eco-effectiveness of products, making it possible to include this factor as a determining factor in the final purchase decision.

Inspire changes

We are firm in our commitment to inspire an economic model of production based on ecodesign and the circular economy as development tools.
We are also firm about promoting local consumption as a means to achieve social sustainability.

Go local, go green

We promote local purchasing to reduce the emissions generated by the distribution of products and the development of local economies at the international level.


One Tree Planted

We plant one tree for each product sold to compensate for the impact generated by our activity. We are thus contributing to the regeneration of the planet’s plant mass.

Total commitment

Internal policies of corporate social responsibility.

Total compensation of our entire carbon footprint.

Social and environmental actions.


The EKOblog is the loudspeaker of all those initiatives that pursue the development of a more responsible and sustainable society, industry, and consumption habits.

Published both in English and Spanish, the EKOBlog reaches daily an international audience that is highly committed to environmental and social sustainability. We publish articles and interviews that inspire our community to continue developing a lifestyle that respects the planet.


Sustainability Report

In accordance with our principle of transparency, the annual sustainability reports are public and accessible below.