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The EKOBlog is the loudspeaker of all those initiatives that pursue the development of a more responsible and sustainable society, industry, and consumption habits.

Published both in English and Spanish, the EKOBlog reaches daily an international audience that is highly committed to environmental and social sustainability. We publish articles and interviews that inspire our community to continue developing a lifestyle that respects the planet.

Thanks to our content’s high specialization and our distinctive approach, we manage to generate a close relationship with our readers.

Eco-friendly woman - Perfil de audiencia

EKOBlog readers profile

EKOBlog readers have a great interest in any topic related to sustainable development, being demanding with information and much more likely to buy socially and environmentally friendly products and services than other reader profiles

Among their interests, we highlight the following:

Eco-friendly products and services

Sustainable development

Healthy lifestyle habits

Sustainable business initiatives

Sustainable initiatives

Inspiring People

Sustainable architecture

Organic cosmetics


Sustainable texti

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Our audience is made up of people committed to the values of sustainability and the safeguarding of the planet, people who are active in their responsibility to contribute to the development of a fairer and more egalitarian society.

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