Aire de Bardenas Hotel: The luxury of simplicity

Aire de Bardenas Hotel: The luxury of simplicity

Aire de Bardenas is a hotel located next to the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve of the Bardenas Reales de Navarra, in Tudela, Spain. The hotel is composed of 32 incredible rooms designed for relaxation and disconnection in the middle of a landscape of overwhelming beauty.

The Aire de Bardenas Hotel was built in 2007 and its design was based on 3 basic principles: respect for the environment in which it is located, the creation of an exclusive space with roots and the well-being of the guests.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental bases of the design and vision of Aire de Bardenas. To do this, the project presented the idea that it could be completely ethereal, without deep foundations and that its design wouldn’t generate any visual impact on the environment. To achieve these ideas, the hotel was built on a single level and specific color tones were chosen to blend in with the natural tones of the environment.

On the other hand, in the design of the Aire de Bardenas hotel, 100% advantage was taken of the environmental factors of the surroundings. On the one hand, all the open spaces were strategically located taking into account the northwest wind that is very present on the banks of the Ebro River and, on the other hand, large windows were designed throughout the hotel in order to bring visitors to the outside and keep them in constant contact with the film images offered by the environment that surrounds them.

The construction of the Aire de Bardenas hotel also highlights a particular construction detail that can’ t be overlooked. This is the presence of recycled materials such as wood, typical of the boxes used by the farmers of Tudela for harvesting vegetables, and is one of the characteristic elements of the hotel’s design.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas: El lujo de lo sencillo

An exclusive and deeply rooted space

To achieve an exclusive and deeply rooted space, the architects, Mónica Rivera and Emiliano López, designed a hotel very open to the Bardenas countryside and Tudela, where guests could learn about the cultural values of southern Navarre.

The Ribera de Navarra is a vegetable paradise, which is why, taking into account the typical orchards of these lands, the architects incorporated into the design of Aire de Bardenas elements such as fruit trees in patios and terraces, and a large orchard in the establishment that offers guests the possibility of tasting local products of the highest quality.

Aire de Bardenas Hotel: The luxury of simplicity

Guests’ wellbeing

The experience of Aire de Bardenas‘s guests is the top priority of the entire service. Both the staff and the elements of the hotel are focused on maximizing the well-being of the guests during their stay. That is why the hotel facilities are designed so that you can enjoy even with your pet. At Aire de Bardenas your pet will undoubtedly feel the pet-friendly philosophy of the hotel and will enjoy outdoor walks in a unique environment.

At the same time, the personal service to customers in Aire de Bardenas avoids the classic formalisms of attention, providing a response that is based on a philosophy of sincere and native hospitality.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas: El lujo de lo sencillo

From Ekohunters, we support eco-design and sustainable architecture and that is why we give visibility to projects that share our values. Aire de Bardenas Hotel brings together these two concepts in a project with awareness of the natural environment, which brings to its guests the spirit of respect and admiration for the landscapes that nature offers around them. Undoubtedly, Aire de Bardenas is worthy of being known and enjoyed by anyone who wishes to live a life experience in constant connection with an unparalleled environment.