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Bilbao BBK Live


Helping music festivals go eco-friendly

We are very happy to have partnered with Bilbao BBK Live, a music festival that aims to be more sustainable every edition.

This year, the festival has gone one step further in its commitment to sustainability and its policies aimed at reducing environmental impact, including the implementation of reusable cups and the increase of clean points with recycling containers, additionally in 2018 they have implemented new policies of constructive eco-efficiency through the construction of a DOMO sostenible for the new LASAI stage.


In the words of the festival organizers, «Lasai is located in the vicinity of the Basoa stage and flanked by cypresses – the tree of serenity par excellence, it is a small space that seeks to promote intimacy.

A corner where you can go slowly. A decompression zone that invites you to halt and detour along secondary roads. The task of opening these new roads for the festival-goers will be in the hands of DJs who choose freedom over comfort.


DJs who avoid outdated formulas and frills in favour of innovation and adventure, whether they are artists specialising in relaxed tunes or names accustomed to club rhythms who want to showcase the most unknown facets of their record collections.

From dub to R&B, from hip-hop to slo-mo house, and from African music to break dance, Lasai will be a showcase for sounds that are often excluded from electronic programming in favor of instant gratification, but Lasai does not want to be a purely musical experience.

Recovering the spirit of the rooms dedicated to ambient music so common in the nineties, Lasai wants to be both a meeting point and a point of escape, where we can recapitulate the sensations we have experienced and rethink those that are yet to come. Because the madness of a festival is even more enjoyable when you can enjoy moments of contrasting calm.


Additionally, Bilbao BBK Live, together with Red Zierbena Sarea, is organising the solidarity-based collection of camping materials in order to meet the needs of migrants arriving on our coasts.

The festival invites everyone to join in this sustainable and social project by handing out all the recyclable materials they may have used during these days (tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, camping equipment, etc.) at the collection point that will be located in the festival’s camping area on Saturday 14 July from 15:00 to 22:00 and Sunday 15 July from 8:00 to 14:00, where they can also find out about the situation of these young people for whom the materials are being collected.

You can find more information about this collection point on Red Zierbena Sarea’s Facebook page.

These measures earned BBK Live the Erronka Garbia certificate, a seal that recognizes those events that integrate environmental measures into their design and organization.

Our congratulations to the festival for the award and our best wishes of sustainability for future editions.