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Slow Nature Suites Interview

By Alize Menendez March 15, 2018 34 Views No comments

Slow Nature Suites is a project that implements the principles of sustainable architecture as a real and necessary alternative to traditional brick architecture. The idea was born from the interest of a young architect, Lluís Raich, in designing houses that were committed to and responsible for the values of sustainable development. We talked to Lluís about his project, sustainability in the industry and the future of architecture.

Draaj on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez March 12, 2018 26 Views No comments

Draaj offers lovingly handcrafted wooden birds, available in oak, maple, pear, and walnut. Two different models, Bird and Trumpet, with an infinity of uses, from home decoration to environmentally friendly toys. You are invited to play with them, reimagine the shapes, arrange them as you please. Give it your own DRAAJ (twist)!

Slow Nature Suites on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez March 9, 2018 45 Views No comments

Slow Nature is a Spanish architecture studio that designs and produces prefabricated suites of sustainable wood, an ecological and efficient alternative to traditional construction. The mobile suites are designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in the tourism sector who are looking for a space that is responsible with the environment where it is located. The perfect home for you and the environment.

Woodglass on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez March 5, 2018 58 Views No comments

Woodglass is a Galician brand specializing in the manufacture of sunglasses in wood and 100% organic acetate, with a strong responsibility and respect for the environment, and always committed to work on advancing and improving its products as well as R+D in the sustainability and environmental sector.

Lock Furniture on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez February 26, 2018 82 Views No comments

Lock is a Bulgarian company founded in 2014 specialized for innovative product design and flat-pack furniture manufacturing. Their unique interlocking assembly systems are the result of a long and complex development and prototyping process, which ensures strength and durability, while still allowing for a transformation and a game of shapes most commonly reserved to the plastic arts.

Interviewing Debosc, the company that creates wooden products for an easier life

By Alize Menendez February 22, 2018 65 Views No comments

Debosc is a Spanish brand founded in 2015 by Lluís Bosch and his family, in the small town of Anglés in Girona. By working with wood, their hallmark raw material, they create beautiful, minimalist and above all, useful pieces. We talk to them about their products, their creative process and environmental commitment and what the future holds for them.

Iumi on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez February 19, 2018 75 Views No comments

IUMI is a German brand specializing in pendant lights that aim to create a cozy atmosphere and a warm and gentle environment. The lights are perfectly suited both for home and for interior design projects involving hotels, restaurants, bars and office spaces.

Nukak on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez January 29, 2018 2268 Views No comments

Ekohunters presents Nukak, a Barcelonese ecodesign brand created by Patricio Abreu, which combines creativity, innovation and the use of upclycled materials as central pillars. Sustainable handbags and backpacks, practical and durable, sewn with love, that will be part of your life for many years.

Interview with Ana Morgado and Maria do Carmo Caldeira from Orikomi

By Alize Menendez January 25, 2018 175 Views No comments

Orikomi was born in 2013 when architects Ana Morgado and Maria do Carmo Caldeira took an interest in oragami and found a way to develop practical pieces of lighting using this technique. They were soon fascinated by the creative universe of origami and the art of folding paper into something beautiful and environmentally responsible. Thanks to their creativity and talent, we can enjoy a catalogue of sustainable lighting created from this ancient technique. We discussed experiences and reflections on design and architecture, their sustainable commitment and their partnership with Adobe for Women and we present their latest product: the Orikomi table lamp!

Maison&Objet Paris 2018: 10 Ecodesigned brands to look out for

By Alize Menendez January 19, 2018 282 Views No comments

Twice a year Paris becomes home to the latest products, brightest designers, most inspirational workshops, and an endless source of creative energy and talent for no less that five consecutive days. With almost 3000 exhibitors from over 60 different countries and a total of over 78.000 unique visitors (data from the September 2017 edition) Maison&Objet Paris is an indispensable stop in the furniture fair circuit. We have lined up 10 brands - including our very own Reine Mere and It's About Romi - that not only focus on quality and aesthetics, but also have a clear social and environmental commitment.