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Commes des Machines 3D

May 23, 2017 No comments

3D printing technology has become in recent years a revolution in the industry at all levels. From small parts to the manufacture of houses, through the medical printing of artificial organs to implant them in humans.

A machine capable of printing figures with volume from a computer-made design seems to have no limits. In this sector is where we find a young company with five years of walking, Comme Des Machines

Why Ecodesign?

May 11, 2017 No comments

Ecodesign is the manufacturing process whose objective is not only based on the final manufactured product, its costs, quality.., but its development takes also into account the environment variable. Its final objective is a productive system that optimizes the product in parameters such as the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing process, its use, maintenance and, finally, the end of its life.

Eko label, our guaranty of enviromental commitment

May 9, 2017 No comments

The EKO Seal analyzes criteria to evaluate each of the properties, which we consider should be considered when designing and developing an eco-designed product, that is a product which, as much as possible, contributes to the sustainability and improvement of the quality of people’s life.

Ekohunters, for a more sustainable economy

May 8, 2017 No comments


    • Repetition of a sound produced by the reflection of sound wave
    • Contribute to announce something
    • Impact or interest that a fact or even arouses


  • People who are searching for things of a particular kind

Welcoming letter from the founders

April 27, 2017 No comments

Hello everyone,

Ekohunters has its origin in a personal need, to contribute in some way to generate a more sustainable world and economy, more committed to its environment, more generous with future generations.

For each one of us, it has some implications or characteristics, but we both agree on the essential.