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By Ekohunters October 24, 2019 No comments

Ekohunters has been selected by Crowdfunding Bizkaia, the crowdfunding platform endorsed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to be a featured project next month. This new development opens up countless opportunities for us and we are excited to invite interested investors the opportunity to learn more.

Ekohunters was born to become the world’s largest global community of sustainable products. And today we continue to travel this path more motivated than ever seeking out the best eco-designed products that offer environmental, social and economic benefits while respecting the environment over the product’s entire life cycle. We help consumers make a more conscious purchase decision.

With the support of crowdfunding, we not only have the opportunity to expand our project, we also expand our community and reach.

The launch date of our Crowdfunding will begin on November 4, 2019 and will end on December 10, 2019, both days included.


Crowdfunding Bizkaia is the first crowdfunding platform launched through a public entity in the world. Its mission is to select innovative and newly created companies with high growth potential and commercial success, supporting them through the creation of Crowdfunding initiatives. The main objective is to help companies obtain financing from private investors in order to carry out their growth strategies.

A crowdfunding is a type of collaborative economy in which small or large investors make contributions in exchange for shares in that company.

In the case of Crowdfunding Bizkaia, the type of crowdfunding is known as Crowdequity, helping companies obtain the necessary capital to finance a project.

Local yet global, unlike other crowdfunding platforms, all projects are born and located in Bizkaia and demonstrate a clear component of social impact and innovation. In addition to this, all projects are subjected to rigorous economic analysis and comply with crowdfunding legislation in Spain. The platform helps to link accredited investors with entrepreneurs to drive project growth.


Being part of Crowdfunding Bizkaia, you will support us in our mission to promote change towards more responsible consumption. Through eco-awareness we believe that we can make the world a better place. Join us to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable economy.


  • A fast-growing global community of hundreds of eco-designers in 27 countries around the world.
  • The largest online marketplace for ecological and sustainable eco-designed products, whose production process takes into account environmental and social criteria
  • A sound methodology that allows consumers to evaluate the degree of eco-effectiveness of a products to help make a more conscious purchase decision.



Visit the Crowdfunding Bizkaia website, register, and learn more about our company, access investor information to make a conscious and thoughtful decision, choose the amount you would like to invest, share your feedback and connect with our team directly.

Once you have decided to participate, there are three simple steps to follow:

1.Register on the platform as an investor:

To do so, all you have to do is provide the personal details requested by the platform, sign the documentation required to carry out the investment and upload a scanned copy of the documents required to the platform. Remember that registration is completely free.

After this, you will be able to access more complete information about our project (Business Plan / Treasury Certificate/Social Security Certificate/Shareholder Information/Destination of the investment).

The registration will also allow you to connect with other investors, share opinions and connect with companies directly via the comments section located in each project.

2. Invest in previously analysed and proved projects:

If you decide to invest, you will be able to complete this directly online, determining the number of shares or social participations that you want to acquire. Depending on the type of contribution, there are two kinds of investors:

  • Non-Accredited Investors: Those who invest a maximum of 3,000 euros per project. The contributors at this level benefit from special promotions depending on the amount invested. There are three types of promotions:

- Contribution of 500 €: 6% discount on all purchases made at Ekohunters during the first quarter of 2020 (from January to March, both included).

- Contribution between €501 and €1,500: 10% discount on all purchases made at Ekohunters during the first semester of 2020 (From January to August, both included).

- Contribution between 1.501€ and 3.000€: 10% annual discount for the whole of 2020 on all purchases made at Ekohunters during the whole of 2020 (from January to December 2020, both included).These discounts can be accumulated with any other offer or promotion made during the year by Ekohunters..

  • Accredited Investors: Those persons who make greater contributions than those indicated above. In order for the Investor to become an Accredited Investor, it is necessary to provide documentation justifying annual income in excess of €50,000 or financial assets in excess of €100,000, through copies of bank certificates, income tax returns, or 10-T certificate.
You must also provide a waiver of treatment as a non-accredited investor or, alternatively, a justification for contracting financial advice on the platform's financing instruments from an authorised investment services company. If you want to know if you meet all the requirements, click here.

In both cases, if the investment objective is reached, the amount invested will be transferred to the project, materializing, at that moment, the investment. If, on the other hand, the investment objective is not reached within the established period, the investments made are returned, without any charge to investors.

The acquisition of the social shares or shares of the company of the promoters is formalised by signing of standard documents and procedures. The content of these documents, as well as the details of the procedure, are available to investors before making the investment.

3. Formalisation of the investment and monitoring of the project
Once the investment is formalised, we will keep you informed about the evolution of the project.

The launch date of our Crowdfunding will begin on November 4, 2019 and will end on December 10, 2019, both days included.

Get in touch with any questions via our social networks or via email: invest@ekohunters.com we look forward to hearing from you.