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October 2017

Interviewing Simonas Tarvydas, from Indi

By Alize Menendez October 27, 2017 No comments

Indi is a Lithuanian design brand known for its original creations and unique recycled paper technology which allows creating the fascinating illusion of objects that seem made of heavy concrete but are in fact are extremely lightweight. We interview Simonas Tarvydas - owner of the brand and developer of REPAPER technology. Introducing two new products!

Inspiring Companies: Precious Plastic

By Alize Menendez October 25, 2017 No comments

Precious Plastic was founded in Oct, 2013 by Dave Hakkens and it has since been providing open source machines, tools, knowledge and infrastructure to transform plastic waste into valuable products. Free and for everyone.

Faina Design on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez October 24, 2017 No comments

We welcome Faina Design to Ekohunters! Artisan furniture collection FAINA was created in 2014 by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoriya Yakusha, and was awarded with the Industart prize from the international industrial design competition in 2015. Designed around warm elements and materials such as felt, wool, and wood, this minimalist ethnic collection has its focus point and central element on clay.

Interview with Michiel Van Mierlo, Good&Mojo Co-Owner and Brand Ambassador

By Ekohunters - Good and Mojo October 20, 2017 No comments

Good&Mojo - empowered by it's about RoMi -, is based along the oldest canal in Amsterdam, and has have been creating homeware & lighting for your home since 1993, with hard work, dedication and enjoyment above all. We interview Michiel Van Mierlo, co-owner and brand ambassador.

Deriva Sailmakers on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez October 18, 2017 No comments

We welcome Deriva Sailmakers and its first and only collection of 2017: 1701 Backpack. Recycled sails and additive fabrication elements, products with a beautiful second life and with a special appreciation for creativity and sustainability.


By Alize Menendez October 13, 2017 No comments

Woodendot is a furniture design studio founded in 2013 by Daniel García and María Jose Vargas in the city of Valladolid. Their life, linked in one way or another to the wood and the forests that surround their hometown, has inspired their creations.