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August 2018

Kolekto by Stories in Structures on Ekohunters. A traditional game built with a commitment to sustainability

By Alize Menendez August 27, 2018 No comments

Kolekto by Stories in Structures creates sustainable wooden toys of architectural design, with an emphasis on aesthetics, imagination and good craftsmanship. The toy can be used at various levels and continue to stimulate children's skills as they develop so that they can grow with it, becoming an eternal childhood memory that accompanies you as an adult.

More Circular on Ekohunters. upcycling, circular economy and sustainability.

By support3 ekohunters August 20, 2018 No comments

More Circular's mission is to develop and commercialise products that transform waste into valuable pieces for your home, moving us from our current linear 'take, make, waste' economy to a circular 'retake, remake, restore' economy.

Galula - Ecological design made in Portugal. Sustainability and beauty.

By Izarbe Ullod August 15, 2018 No comments

From the beginning of our journey in Ekohunters we have come across companies from different countries that shared with us a passion for design and care for the environment, and whose products we have been adding to our catalogue. Today we have a closer look to Portuguese eco desing. Feito em Portugal.

Galula, founded by Filipa Mendes and Gustavo Macedo, with the aim of creating quality products nationally produced and full of color. They find inspiration in the smiles and the happiness of the people, and they want to prove that besides being functional, design can be fun.

Dedal on Ekohunters. Sustainable Smart homeware

By Alize Menendez August 13, 2018 No comments

Dedal is a Portuguese design company offering a range of smart and meaningful products for original homes positively transforming the lives of all those who discover their products. Their collection, designed for socially responsible buyers with the environment in mind, puts their imagination and style to work turning everyday objects into unique pieces capable of transforming routine into a memorable experience.

The future of fashion: all-round sustainability

By Laura López August 9, 2018 No comments

For consumers, being able to place their trust in a company is becoming increasingly important. Without it, the bonds of loyalty between company and consumer are not created. Today, and especially among new consumers, this translates into transparency and a commitment to the environment and to social issues, but do the brands we use the most meet these commitments?

Hemp glasses at Ekohunters. The world's first sustainable hemp fibre glasses.

By Laura López August 6, 2018 No comments

Hemp Eyewear is the start-up company behind the design and manufacture of the world’s first hemp fibre eyewear line, combining sleek and elegant design, innovative materials, handcrafting and total environmental commitment.

Inspiring Companies: Organicup

By Izarbe Ullod August 1, 2018 No comments

Organicup is a Danish company founded in 2012 with the aim of improving menstrual health on a personal, cultural and global scale. They fight for a world where menstrual hygiene products do not harm women’s bodies and do not pollute the planet, for a world where menstruation is not taboo and where everyone has access to a healthy and respectful menstrual solution.