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January 2020


By Ekohunters January 27, 2020 No comments

Contrast Disseny, an ecodesign company dedicated to the production of desk organization accessories, is a projectundertaken by Eduard Graell together with a small team. From the illusion of believing in what they do they are taking their company forward, not without effort but with the objective set in a future that they trust will bring them great satisfaction. Today we talk with them about their vision and the path they have taken at the head of Contrast Disseny.

Sustainability throughout the life cycle of a product

By Ekohunters January 7, 2020 No comments

We usually talk about concepts such as programmed obsolescence, which we have already talked about here, or the useful life of a product, its stage of use ...etc. All these concepts are actually emphasizing the issue of resource optimization and its consequences which above any other consideration highlights the environmental impact of that product. This impact is quantified through the analysis of the product's life cycle, LCA for its initials.