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Discover our six sustainable and ecologic wooden toys. Choose tradition and commitment this Christmas with Ekohunters.

Discover our six sustainable and ecologic wooden toys. Choose tradition and commitment this Christmas with Ekohunters.
By Ekohunters December 18, 2018 No comments

Discover our catalog of sustainable toys toys for your children and give illusion with this proposal that we present, where the protagonists are your children. Giving with Ekohunters is more than a detail, it is awareness and commitment. All our toys certify their sustainability, environmental safety and quality by eliminating any feature of toxic and hazardous materials for our children, also manufactured according to the criteria of the circular economy. Think about the future of the smallest and give in Ekohunters. Enter our toys section and choose from our catalogue.

This Christmas choose one of our traditional wooden toys. All our products are manufactured under strict sustainability processes that respect and do not destroy nature. Commit to the environment. Choose Ekohunters.

As a first proposal we present you the wooden figures DRAAJ. Made exclusively with local sustainable wood, and sometimes offering a second life to the wood. Because often recycled materials have their own rich stories to tell.


TRUMPET - Buy them at Ekohunters for 39€.

- Discover WODIWOW toys that combine design, tradition and commitment to sustainability. Toys of quality and respectful with the environment. Our WODIWOW don't like plastic. To shape them they only rely on the robustness of solid wood and the energy of magnets. In WODIWOW they do not count on it at all, but on 100% natural products that do not contain strange things that contaminate or harm children, animals or the planet.


PACK MASTODONTS - Buy on Ekohunters for €136


HIPU - Buy it at Ekohunters for 68€.


WONKI - Buy it at Ekohunters for 30€.


CWIC - Buy from Ekohunters for 109.00€.

- Stories In Structure is a multidisciplinary Danish company that creates sustainable wooden toys of architectural design. The company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and the environment both in the choice of materials and the 100% local production of its products. In addition to its commitment Stories In Structure proposes a beautiful product, of a beauty that transcends in time. A toy to last, to be enjoyed by several generations.

Stories in structures

PARIS - Buy it at Ekohunters for 68.00€

Stories in Structures

AUTO - Buy it at Ekohunters for 68.00€.

Stories in Structures

FABRIKO - Buy it at Ekohunters for 68.00€.

Stories in structures

KOBENHAWN - Buy at Ekohunters for 68.€

- Another of our proposals for this Christmas is Cucuducho. Cucuducho is a small Galician company, which locally creates simple objects that stimulate the imagination of children and enhance their sensitivity, researching and attending to the culture. Visit our toys section and see what boots they make.


MARELA - Buy it at Ekohunters for 82.00€.

- Let your children develop their imagination, paint, read, or play at the Maijon desk. Maijon is a double desk which, in turn, functions as a versatile play element. All the wood used in the manufacture comes from sustainable plantations and has the corresponding FSC/PEFC* certifications, which guarantee that the products originate from sustainably managed forests.


MAIJOM - Buy it at Ekohunters from 370€.

Christmas can't be without snow. For any child and why not, for any person, a snowy Christmas is a gift in itself. But who doesn't remember going down a snow slope with a Sled. It is something that all children have to live. Ekohunters gives you the opportunity.

Introducing the Sled Lock.

Lock sled

SLED LOCK - Buy it at Ekohunters for 230€.

There are toys that survive and will survive for decades. A timeless classic:

A dollhouse. Introducing Dollsvilla. Dollsvilla offers a highly sustainable dollhouse designed to transmit to children values such as social interaction, trust and environmental responsibility through play. Playing with Dollsvilla is the perfect way to develop social-emotional and language skills, improve psychomotor skills and stimulate group play for both boys and girls.


DOLLSVILLA LEADING-UNFURNISHED - Buy it at Ekohunters for 1640€.

This Christmas inspires change. A change towards responsibility and commitment to the circular economy, to sustainability, to yours and to that of future generations. Buy responsibly with