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Ekohunters and The Home Therapy: New online interior design service

Ekohunters and The Home Therapy: New online interior design service
By Ekohunters July 16, 2018 No comments

Let's celebrate!! Today we begin a new chapter at Ekohunters by creating a new interior design service, whose main objective is to meet your needs in terms of space design. A totally personalized decoration service, coherent with your style and according to your tastes and needs, to help you create a space where design is combined with sustainability and overall harmony.

This service would not have been possible without the person behind it, Cristina Costa. We are interviewing her today hoping to learn more about her conception of interior design and her experience.

Hello Cristina, let's talk a little bit about this new service and what interior design means for you. You define yourself as a habitat consultant and space designer. Could you explain this concept to us? And drawing from this concept, what will the interior design service at Ekohunters consist of?

As a habitat consultant and space designer I intend to provide a broader vision of interior design, integrating values such as eco-friendliness, health and co-creation. The home as a space where we can promote the wellbeing of people and the planet, that is the main idea behind The Home Therapy.

Ekohunters' interior design service will consist of a personalised co-creation process for each client in which I will accompany them from the definition of a concept or style to the specific proposal of furniture. The aim: to create a space that is coherent with your lifestyle, sustainable and in line with your preferences and needs.

From your experience as a space designer, what is interior design for you? How important is sustainability to you when it comes to designing a space?

I understand interior design as the creation of spaces as a context for Life, that is, spaces to be lived and enjoyed with family and friends, to relax, to share, to celebrate... And so my proposal for interior design follows the philosophy of user-centred design, where the user (and their needs) are above form and aesthetics. But without giving up the beauty or harmony that, as people, nourishes our spirit.

When designing, I like to think of the planet as another user and therefore also take into account their needs and look for sustainable solutions that minimize the impact. From the repurposing of antique furniture, to sensible lighting adapted to our biorhythms or the use of textiles made of natural materials and eco-designed furniture. I understand sustainability as the respect for the health of the planet, which is what allows us to live; and for me, it is something fundamental to take into account in any project.

How do you think the public perceives this type of design, where concepts such as sustainability and healthy spaces are particularly important, and is this type of design expensive or within everyone's reach?

There is a growing awareness of health, healthy lifestyle habits, the benefits of a slower life, sustainability etc. and spaces act as our third skin, so after caring for the body, and how we dress, it is natural that we also take care of our living spaces, especially our homes. When we live or work in the city, home becomes our refuge, a place where we can rest, take care of ourselves and enjoy our time, but if they are not designed with health in mind, we can find interior spaces that are more polluted than the air in the city itself.

In terms of cost, there are now eco-designed options available to everyone. And like everything else, it's a matter of priorities. Through our consumption we are creating the world we want to live in. When we choose a 'low-cost' product, let us ask ourselves, what is the real cost to the planet?

It is true, however, that as these are products with a lower demand and whose production process requires an extraordinary effort (certified materials of origin, non-polluting finishes, certifications, manual work...) the product can be more expensive than other similar non-ecological options.

When we buy eco-design, in addition to investing in the planet, we also invest in real and local economy, and in durability and emotional connection. The feeling and emotion that a handmade piece of furniture will transmit to us and the history behind it, cannot be compared to a piece of mass-produced furniture, and will surely become a piece that we will want to keep for the rest of our lives.

The design of a space where a person will live is something very personal, and it is not always easy to combine your work philosophy and the tastes of the client; how do you manage to combine both concepts?

With Ekohunters we have designed a participatory process, with two working sessions with the client, following a philosophy of 'user-centred design' and 'design thinking' process.

During the first online session, we will understand in depth the needs of the client and the space, which will result in two conceptual creative proposals. Afterwards, in the second session, we will develop the furniture proposal with the client and we will provide a 'shopping-list' so that they can finally decide on the their purchases.

Ekohunters as a company revolves around concepts such as ecodesign, circular economy and respect for the environment. How do you think the concept and the catalogue of Ekohunters can contribute to the designs you will be proposing?

Ekohunters offers us a unique, growing and reliable eco-design catalogue. Each product is carefully selected for its degree of eco-design and the transparency and quality of the brands.

To be able to implement the The Home Therapy's interior design proposal, it is essential to have a catalogue that guarantees a committed, healthy and sustainable products.

We hope to work with you in your decoration projects and we are at your complete disposal for any doubts or questions you might have about this new interior design service.