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Ekohunters, for a more sustainable economy

Ekohunters, for a more sustainable economy
By Ekohunters Ekohunters May 8, 2017 No comments


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Our Philosophy

Promoting a more sustainable and respectful industry and economy towards human beings and the environment.Nuestra misión

Our Mission

Work along with the best to achieve the best possible results.Nuestros valores

Our Values

Ecodesigning is the manufacturing process that takes into account the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle.

GOAL Promote a change in the industry

Becoming a benchmark to all actors involved in the value chain of the product. From the suppliers of raw materials , to the ecodesigner to the final consumer, either retail or wholesale, anyone who is looking for a complete selection of eco-designed products.

EKO LABEL Setting the standards for a more sustainable industry

We created EKO as a tool that allows us to assess and examine the ecoeffectiveness and therefore the compromise level of any product. We care about making sure that all products, handcrafted and manufactured alike, comply with our standards regarding materials, innovation, recyclability, re usability, production, biodegradability and compostability, renewal rate and lack of toxics.

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