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Foodie Gift Guide: 10 ideas for a more sustainable kitchen

Foodie Gift Guide: 10 ideas for a more sustainable kitchen
By Alize Menendez December 14, 2017 No comments

1. OLEA 2 & 4 by Basque Ceramic Design

Handcrafted ceramic mug and bowl, on a wooden base created from olive trees raised in Navarre. The soft shapes and dark colour of the ceramic, in contrast to the natural texture of the olive tree, create unique and exclusive pieces, ideal for use in both gastronomy and decoration.

2. UNISON SET by Schneid

Handmade ceramic crockery collection consisting of five different pieces: a cup, a pitcher, a sugar bowl, a soup bowl, a large plate and a small plate (also for sale separately). Available in five different colours, created from natural pigments mixed by artisans in their workshop. The pieces are stackable and fit into each other, an ingenious and eye-catching addition to your tableware.

3. ESPRESSO CUP by Nina Co

A work of art celebrating the most important meal of the day, with a special focus on sustainability and community projects. Made of matt black clay and a glossy white glazed finish.

4. VOLTO by Volto

Volto is a food seasoning utensil, suitable for salt, pepper or any powdered species. Glass and cork are natural, recyclable and traditionally Mediterranean materials, and their simple and proportionate lines make it a beautiful yet functional object.

5. ALIKA by Decafé

A true gift for the senses, a pleasure for coffee lovers. Each decorative bowl is a unique piece, made from premium quality, natural and biodegradable coffee grounds. A valuable object by itself, that will elevate the character of your kitchen, or any other room.

6. CRIATERRA by Criaterra

Created from an innovative natural clay drying process combined with 3D scanning, this tabletop piece can be used as an organic decoration element or as a dish to serve your best recipes.

7. BOL CHAPLIN by Sampere

From the screen to your table with this handmade bowl made entirely of high quality stoneware in Spain. The perfect combination of modern design and traditional ceramic modelling techniques. Resistant to oven, microwave and dishwasher.

8. TRES by Tan Azul

Set of three bowls made of stoneware, a noble material, free of lead and cadmium, non-toxic, waterproof, and suitable for microwave and dishwasher. Simple and versatile design, subtle texture and warm pastel colors.

9. TABLA DE MADERA by Con Alma Design

Round cutting board, available in two different sizes. All boards are handmade upon request and manufactured from recycled pine wood collected from fallen trees, preserving nature and our forests.

10. IZUMI by Leaf Republic

A home party, a picnic in the park or a field trip to the mountains, any excuse is good to serve your best gastronomic creations in these unique dishes. Produced from leaves, they are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.