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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide - Kids Edition

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide - Kids Edition
By Alize Menendez November 22, 2017 No comments

1. MARELA by Cucuducho

Marela is the name of the mommy cow who takes care of her calves with dedication and love. Walking facing the ground and with a firm step is essential for learning (even if it means making more noise than normal). Marela wooden cows are started through an industrial process, to finished with a careful manual work that gives them a handmade appearance and a unique finish. All the wood used in the manufacture of Marela, comes from sustainable plantations and has the corresponding certifications, that guarantee the products originate from sustainably managed forests.

2. BUNNY EGGCUPS by Saturday Woodshop

These little bunnies love to play on their shelves and can also be used as eggcupss to enjoy a delicious breakfast all year round! Made from Irish beech hardwood from sustainably managed forests.

3. KIT FOR KIDS by The Greatest Candle

TGC candles are above all a wonderful element of decoration and wellness - with delicious and subtle fragrances created by the best French parfumiers - and an innovative, internationally registered and certified auto-recycling solution. This kit, specially designed for children, allows the youngest members of the family to make candles by recycling used cooking oil. With a special powder made from natural ingredients, you can make a candle in just 2 minutes.

The candles resulting from this process are better than any other available on the market. They are vegetable candles and, as such, are carbon neutral, last longer than paraffin candles (oil-based) and offer clean and safe combustion. Made from recycled oil, our candles prevent sewer and groundwater contamination, and help reduce the alarming contamination of rivers and drinking water basins.

4. KLAUS M by Cartonlab

Beautiful decorations in the shape of a Christmas tree, made of 100% recycled cardboard in natural or white finish.

5. MR. TODY'S BOAT by Mr. Tody

What is more fun for your kids than being a real captain? Let their imagination run free and turn your living room, the garden, the woods, the beach in a real ocean for his or her boat. Put on the boat with seatbelts, raise the anchor and watch the transformation. The boat is delivered in a cardboard sleeve. Ready to assemble. No tools are needed and all elements are included, ready for use. Easy to demount for easy storage.

6. PIPAS PACK by La Diseñoteca

Pipas table emulates the style of grown-ups' tables while offering complete functionality for the smallest of the house. In addition, it has the appropriate dimensions to be used as a coffee table. Pipas stools are designed so that the little ones can sit comfortably in the stools of their favourite animal. There are four options that we will call dog, cat, sheep and bear, although the faces have been intentionally left ambiguous to awaken your children's imagination.

7. COCO COT by Bunny & Clyde

The Coco Cot is bright and spirited with its functional bars transformed into a decorative patterned design. The curves are playful and inviting whilst the painted base contrasts and accentuates the organic grain of the wood. Coco is home to sweet dreams and the delicate geometry of nature blending seamlessly into its environment. Meticulously hand-crafted from solid European Ash as standard, it combines contemporary design with the intrinsic beauty of natural wood. With two adjustable mattress height positions, the Coco Cot offers accessibility without the hassle or safety hazard of a drop side. Baby’s special place to dream and play, it is safe and secure from the inside out.

8. SHEEP by Elements Optimal

Sheep, designed by Japanese designer Takeshi Sawada, is a unique piece of children's furniture, with a sculptural design and a cozy appearance, made of European beech wood with oak legs and a fluffy seat made of imitation sheepskin.


Build and draw. Just like that, with these building blocks a piece of chalk you can build anything you want. Chalking Incolour, includes 25 geometric pieces made of beech wood and chalk in 6 different colors. You can combine the pieces to build and then draw in the details, you can create the anything: cities, forests, villages by the sea etc.

We give you wood and chalk. The rest in up to your imagination!

10. GEO S TABLE by We Do Wood

Geo’s Table is a functional children’s table with a large pull-out drawer, which can be used to stash paper, crayons and other favourite toys from both sides of the table. The table was designed to fit into any room, and can also be used as a side table or a small coffee table.

Geo’s Table is made from certified moso bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources the world has. We Do Wood only works with certified plantations. This is our guarantee that our bamboo is grown without any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Furthermore the bamboo processing and furniture manufacturing is done without the use of harmful chemicals and all adhesives used during processing and production has the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the industry.