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Kolekto by Stories in Structures on Ekohunters

Kolekto by Stories in Structures on Ekohunters
August 27, 2018 No comments

Stories in Structures was founded in 2015 by architect Eva Wande, and graphic designer Rikke Nogel, who translate their passion for design, sculptural storytelling, and quality crafts into their designs. Production manager Madan Oli helps take those designs from the drawing board and on to the customers.

Kolekto by Stories in Structures creates sustainable wooden toys of architectural design, with an emphasis on aesthetics, imagination and good craftsmanship. The toy can be used at various levels and continue to stimulate children's skills as they develop so that they can grow with it, becoming an eternal childhood memory that accompanies you as an adult.

As part of their environmental commitment they only work with sustainable materials, offering timeless and durable designs with functional qualities in focus. Their careful design and quality materials can survive for generations and tell endless stories, benefiting both the owner and the environment.

Additionally, all of their products are designed at their Amager workshop, and produced right on their backyard, reducing carbon emissions from transport and helping support and develop local economies.

See Stories in Structures’ full catalogue on their Ekohunters shop!

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