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The first ecologic and sustainable furniture for your little one. 9 eco-proposals for your first steps.

The first  ecologic and sustainable furniture for your little one. 9 eco-proposals for your first steps.
By Ekohunters December 27, 2018 No comments

In this post we have brought together nine proposals for sustainable furniture for children to feel in a fun environment, healthy and with the hallmark of Ekohunters, commitment and responsibility. All the proposals guarantee maximum safety and the highest quality standards so that our children and their parents do not have to worry about their well-being. Nine designers with whom you can furnish your child's room with the security, responsibility and commitment that Ekohunters always puts in all its products. Choose quality, choose Ekohunters.

First we introduce you to Cucos Baby. Because cots are your child's first experience in this world and a very special place for him, Cucos Baby pays special attention to details, selecting sustainable materials, design fabrics, pockets, cushions, rocker legs and baskets of different styles to satisfy all tastes and give the child the comfort and safety he needs.

CUCOS BABYCRADLE (RABBITS & BIRDS) - Buy it at Ekohunters for 250€.


CRADLE (RABBITS & BIRDS) - Buy it at Ekohunters for 250€.


FOX PINK - Buy it at Ekohunters from 250€.


FOX PINK - Buy it at Ekohunters from 250€.

A very complete proposal to furnish your children's room with an elegant and fun design so that with all the commitment and responsibility that it demands without a doubt is Coco&Design. His proposal tries to create a special space where to lodge a long awaited child, a comfortable habitat, full of "maternal embraces". Coco&Design developed this concept by producing accessories and furniture for children and making them capable of playing, learning and growing up in a quiet, healthy and stimulating space. A furniture designed for children, mothers and fathers who take care of the environment and the future.


BELLA CRADLE 285 - Buy it at Ekohunters for 285€.


LAPO STOOL - Buy it at Ekohunters for 145€.


DUCCIO - Buy it at Ekohunters for 245€.


DESKTOP RIGO - Buy on Ekohunters from 295.00€

La Diseñoteca is another of our proposals. La Diseñoteca`s mission is to create functional pieces that are durable and adapt to the needs of the child as well as their personal space where they can develop their imagination and skills.


PIPES TABLE - Buy it at Ekohunters for 199€.


PIPES STOOL - Buy it at Ekohunters for 60€ unit


PIPES PACK - Buy it at Ekohunters from 399€.

Elements Optimal is a family business that was founded in late 2012 by Tor & Nicole Vitner Servé and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. They create vibrant and harmonious products, made with the best possible materials and finishes. Their imaginative and fun designs are an original idea for any of your children's rooms.

Elements Optimal

BAMBI CHAIR - Buy at Ekohunters for 249€.

SILLA BAMBI, COW, SHEEP - Buy at Ekohunters for 249€ unit.

In Past Post we present you CartonLab. This time we propose you another of its products an original and functional shelving in equal parts. CartonLab offers a range of products where all its designs are light, resistant and functional; easy to transport, store and assemble. There is no need for adhesives, auxiliary parts, no noise and no polluting residues of any kind.

Carton Lab

HOUSE SHELVING - Buy in Ekohunters for 154€.

Our ambassadors are our hallmark. Those designers who offer an above-average quality standard of eco-effectiveness in their products. This is the case of We Do Wood. At We Do Wood they create eco-designed wood furniture using certified raw materials. Ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand in the work of this brand that offers careful and original designs, while ensuring that the production process is as respectful as possible with the environment, from the selection of raw materials to the final packaging. their products are made of bamboo moso, considered one of the most sustainable natural resources in the world. At We do Wood they only work with certified plantations, which means that their bamboo is grown without any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. But its commitment to the environment goes far beyond that. No harmful chemicals are used during its manufacturing processes and all adhesives used exceed the strict European E1 standard for indoor air quality.

Although their catalogue is not exclusive to children's furniture, there are some proposals that they manufacture for this category. Today we present two proposals:

We Do Wood

GEO`S TABLE - Buy it at Ekohunters for 260€.


LILLY CHAIR - Buy it at Ekohunters for 170€.

Bunny & Clyde is a design studio where they believe that innovative design and sustainability go hand in hand and that's why they design and manufacture luxurious solid wood furniture, inspired by the nostalgic love of inheriting things through generations. Its mission is to create furniture that can be used throughout its life cycle with a clear design that recalls past eras. Eco-designed products designed for children, but at the same time they are timeless and convertible, so that they can grow with the youngest and then continue to be used.

- They use 100% non-toxic plant and water based lacquers along with oil sealers to seal the wood.

- They use 100% non-toxic paints, without solvents or lead, free of dangerous air pollutants.

- The materials are ecological, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable and certified. all woods are certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) as a sustainable and responsible harvest.

- All glues used are water- and plant-based, non-toxic, solvent-free - They use only solid wood in the construction of their products and in some cases use formaldehyde-free FSC-certified birch plywood (e.g. their mattress and drawer bases).


HARRISON COT - Buy it at Ekohunters for 4500€.

Bunny & Clyde

COCO COT - Buy it at Ekohunters for 4260€.

Finally, we present two proposals for shelving and shelving furniture that you will surely like for its casual aesthetics but without losing the elegance, the design and of course the commitment and responsibility with which its designers identify.

Cucuducho is a small Galician company, which locally creates simple objects that stimulate the imagination of children and enhance their sensitivity, researching and attending to culture, traditions and trades, collaborating with disciplines related to design and respecting the environment and labor and human rights.


BAIXAMAR - Buy at Ekohunters for 184€

Oitenta is a design studio located in A Coruña (Spain), dedicated to creating original objects for design lovers.

They believe in design as a method of resolving everyday situations through creativity, following the principle that good design is one that combines functionality, form and emotion.


WALL COAT RACK - Buy at Ekohunters for 50€

Don't forget, first and foremost buy with commitment and responsibility. Our goal, sustainability: Ekohunters.com