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Welcoming letter from the founders

Welcoming letter from the founders
By Ibon Landa & Kepa Hierro April 27, 2017 No comments

Hello everyone,

Ekohunters has its origin in a personal need, to contribute in some way to generate a more sustainable world and economy, more committed to its environment, more generous with future generations.

For each one of us, it has some implications or characteristics, but we both agree on the essential.

“Ekohunter, as a company, brings together all the qualities and characteristics that in my opinion define a 21st century company. It has a soul, a sense and a balance. It has a team, an objective, a commitment and some circular values.

Our goal is to promote the use of eco-designed products, which, by their characteristics, contribute in some way to the reduction of emissions sent to the atmosphere throughout its life cycle and to an optimization of the environmental conservation.

We are convinced that a responsible production and consumption are synonymous of an active industry and society, respectful of its environment, generous and imaginative.

Our commitment extends from the local to the global; our human team, our clients, the locality and municipality in which we work, the continent which earth unites us with, the world. Our values lead us to involve all of them in the benefits obtained in our activity, through the different actions both internally and externally implemented”.

Ibon Landa, Chairman and Co-founder

Ekohunters is a project aimed at safeguarding the environment, commitment to sustainability, with current and future generations, ultimately with the protection of the planet in which we live.

Ekohunters is synonymous with a responsible manufacturing and purchase, valuing all those people who across the planet are committed to other fellow human beings and to the world around them. Sellers and buyers sharing a common mission, which is none other than to care within the limits of their possibilities about the planet in which they coexist.

This implies a change of paradigm, a change of mentality, to equate the functionality, the design and the quality of the product to its eco-effectiveness, to the commitment with the values of sustainability and environment in its production”.

Kepa Hierro, Strataegic development and Co-founder

The challenge, as always, was to transform that need into a real company, to provide it with structure and content.

Our first milestone was to develop an objective way to evaluate the degree of commitment of each product, our Eko Seal. An effective and objective tool that provides customers with information about the eco-effectiveness of the product throughout its entire life cycle.

What began as a dream, to create an international community of ecodesigners, was getting closer and closer.

After months dedicated to the design, programming and development of our website, Ekohunters officially opens its doors in September 2016.

Since then, our obsession has been to identify eco-designed and sustainable products with the most innovative quality and to incorporate them in our catalog, being our objective to become the reference website at a global level.

We trust you share our vision and enjoy responsibly your purchases.

A cordial greeting,

Ibon & Kepa

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