Calidor: From Olympic torches to sustainable heaters

Calidor: De antorchas olímpicas al diseño de estufas

Calidor is a business project born from an Olympic experience. In 2016, the torch that carried the Olympic fire of the Brazilian games in Rio de Janeiro was manufactured by this Spanish company.

From this experience, and with sustainability as the foundation of its ideology and its company, Calidor was born. We interviewed them and told you a little more about their history, products and objectives.

The story behind Calidor

Calidor is a Spanish company that emerges from a story of overcoming. In 2016, it participated in the bidding process for Olympic torches in Rio de Janeiro, presenting to the International Olympic Committee the first ecological combustion project.

Until now, the combustion system used by the IOC consisted of a mixture of polluting gases that guaranteed a series of mandatory parameters for the IOC such as: flame size, flame strength, flame visibility at a distance, among others.

Calidor patented and presented to the IOC the first ecological combustion system for the Olympic torch with bioethanol. It was after winning the tender that the first Calidor bioethanol stove was born, which is being sold with great success, both in the catering world and in the private sector.

Calidor: From Olympic torches to stove design

Features and benefits of Calidor stoves

Calidor heaters are ecological, versatile, mobile and resistant. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors (as they are made of stainless steel) and can be coupled with a low or high table, becoming a dual-functional product.

In terms of functionality, Calidor heaters are a product “for life”, they don’t have any sophisticated mechanism, so their breakdowns are reduced to a minimum. At the same time, Calidor heaters have a design that makes them very safe and easy to fill, with a loading system away from the flame. It also has a flame regulator of 3 different powers, which makes it friendly, intuitive and simple to use for all users.

Calidor: De antorchas olímpicas al diseño de estufas

What is bioethanol and how much do Calidor heaters consume of this type of fuel?

Bioethanol is an alcohol obtained by macerating sugar cane or sugar beet. These vegetables are used because they have the highest proportion of sugars. However, the industry has evolved to such an extent that today we can even obtain this product from recycled paper.

To take into account the consumption of this fuel, the Calidor heater, for example, consumes 1 liter every 8hs at moderate power, each liter costs 3€ and the duration of the load is 16hs. Therefore, at an economic level, this system is also highly efficient.

It is also important to clarify that bioethanol is a product that is easily available and can even be obtained in Calidor’s online store at the best price-quality on the market.

Calidor: De antorchas olímpicas al diseño de estufas

Are bioethanol stoves suitable for any type of property (private or not)?

Although Calidor heaters are mainly intended for hotels and restaurants, they are a product that is becoming increasingly popular in private homes, so it can be said that it is 100% suitable for all types of premises.

As mentioned, the Calidor heater is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and can heat a space of up to 30m2, however, its maximum efficiency is achieved by using it as a brazier. In this way, placed under a table, in the type of property chosen, it can heat a table of up to 8 diners in a pleasant and efficient way, following the theory of “warm legs, warm body”. The heat it gives off is not aggressive, it is a warm and pleasant heat, so it is a pleasant experience that can be enjoyed by all diners who inhabit the space where it is located.

Calidor: From Olympic torches to stove design

Does Calidor as a company implement environmental values or sustainability principles in its production process?

Calidor is a company born out of a commitment to the environment. By using bioethanol as fuel, Calidor demonstrates that it is possible to contribute to a cleaner world by reducing the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere from oil. 

Calidor offers an ecological solution to restaurants, hotels and individuals, solving the problem of the high polluting emissions produced by butane and propane gas stoves through clean, sustainable, renewable energy and 100% recyclable materials.

Calidor: From Olympic torches to stove design

Reducing our carbon footprint is and must be one of our priorities in the future. Our future and that of the planet depend on it. Calidor has taken action and has managed to contribute its grain of sand to this goal through its eco-sustainable stoves. Its heaters are undoubtedly a clear example that with a little ingenuity and taking advantage of existing sustainable resources (Bioethanol) it is possible to achieve thermal efficiency that considerably reduces CO2 emissions. Enter our marketplace to purchase them, Calidor heaters are waiting for you.