Eco Friendly furniture for children

From the beautiful region of Italian Tuscany, Roberta Gallantino architect, has created together with all her team, a catalog for our children to play and rest in a healthy and fun environment.

Coco&Design have turned the manufacture of children’s furniture into a process committed to the sustainability and health of our children. Let’s get to know a little more about this company.

Hello Roberta;

What leads you to change architecture for the design and manufacture of children´s furniture?

Cocò & Design was born 3 years ago while I was designing the furniture for the bedroom of my future adoptive baby and together with my husband we decided to show the bedroom of Vanessa to all the children. A healthy and playful nest where children can grow.

Think of a a peaceful environment surrounded by nature, where the rhythms follow the season’s flow, a lot of passion for the world of childhood and lots of creativity : here is where Cocò & Design born, the eco-friendly concept that with its furnishings and accessories revolutionizes the way of live the bedroom

Coco&Design defines its furniture line as ¨Montessori style¨. What does it consist of? Could you explain this concept to us?

The CasaCocò line has been designed for children, born to give them confidence, educating them to freedom and creativity.


What do you think are the most outstanding aspects of Coco & Design´s furniture and accessories and what differentiates them from the more traditional competitor’s furniture?

The CasaCocò’s decors are mounted as if they were the small bricks of the much-loved constructions. The panel at the base of each piece of furniture is equipped with special joints easy to assemble with the others, without the need for screws or nails.

It is also modular and stackable, easy to assemble and transform to give life to endless combinations. They are made of poplar multilayer furniture with 0% formaldehyde, painted with ecological paints derived from food composting. 100% organic furnishings, created for the wellbeing of children and the whole family.

Coco& Design pays special attention to issues related to toxicity and safety for our children. Do you think that in this sector this emphasis is necessary on issues that should be of pure logic? Is there still in the industry a lack of sufficient diligence with these issues?

The main goal of the Brand is to try to limit indoor pollution. Our children spend most of their time indoors and it is important that all the furniture’s components have no impact on the health of children. The theme of the eco-friendly is strongly felt in food but neglected in the design furniture sector.



Do you think parents value sufficiently issues such as the toxicity of materials, that they are natural or the sustainability of the production process when furnishing their children’s rooms?

Families must be educated, informed and above all sensitized; the message of our Brand is very clear and it’s also clear the target of families to which it refers: a family that respects the environment and the health of their children

Italy has a great prestige and a long tradition when it comes to design in general, be it furniture or any other products. But is the design sector sufficiently aware of sustainability, with concepts such as eco-design or circular economy in production?

Italy has some extraordinary companies with reference to ¨prime green¨ materials, and the design world should treasure it and join our rather unique adventure


How do you see the future of Coco & Design? New products? New markets? New lines of business?

Cocò & Design is building its own niche market and we are sure that it will grow together with the awareness of a green vision in the field of design and furniture. We are an active and creative company always looking for new ideas for growth.

The importance of companies such as Coco & Design is clear. Uniting furniture design in a sector as competitive as children’s, the commitment in the choice of materials, the production process chosen, and the quality and enforceability of the final result, to obtain a product with a very high standard of sustainability that protects our children above all else, is to highlight.

Above all when in front, on many occasions, we have the opposite version where the quality is marked by the cheapening of the production process at all levels overlooking the welfare of our children.

All this has meant that in Ekohunters we bet on Coco & Design. A company whose commitment and responsibility marks the way forward. Quality and well-being without renouncing sustainability. Do not overlook the well-being of your children.

Visit the Coco & Design store and furnish your child’s room with the quality, commitment and responsibility they deserve.