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From Ekohunters we want to give our warmest welcome to ECCE Cycles, the latest ecodesigner to join us!

Experience the pleasure of riding an artwork!

Since it’s birth in Brussels in 2012, ECCE Cycles can only be defined in terms of excellence and innovation. Designer Pierre Lallemand and an exceptional team of highly skilled engineers and craftsmen have built a brand that redefines the very concepts of originality and technology.

Leaving behind 150 years of double triangle shapes, ECCE Cycles see a new horizon of elegant and sporting curves, flowing lines, movement. A liberation from set rules and formalism, a new aestheticism in the world of bicycles.

Ekohunters makes available to its customers worldwide both ranges –carbon and wood–, offering unequalled comfort, quality and sustainability.

SPORT model

A completely black aerodynamic look, with a gloss paint finish on the carbon frame and matt accessories make the Opus Sport a piece of refined sculpture



WOOD model

As an homage to craftsman skills, this entirely hand-made wooden frame model harmonises with perfection with brown leather on the yokes. Equally an object of reflection on urban mobility by its designer Pierre Lallemand,this bike is an innovation that provides an artistic solution to today’s issues of transport and to those of the future.