Eclectic Style: What is it and how do I apply it in my home?

Estilo Ecléctico: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

The eclectic style was born in the early nineteenth century in an artistic context in which so many currents coexisted that eclecticism took inspiration from all of them to create its own style (although among them there was nothing in common).

Eclecticism is characterized by creativity, expressiveness, freedom of ideas and, above all, the rule of not following any rules. In this way, the eclectic style achieves original, timeless and unique spaces. 

However, the freedom that eclecticism imposes as a premise doesn’t mean that its spaces don’t maintain a coherent design and lose functionality. Because of that, in this article we will share with you all the secrets and tricks to design an eclectic style interior like a professional.

Why choose the eclectic style?

As we mentioned, the eclectic style finds its characteristics in the mixture of several decoration trends, taking the best of each one. That is why, if you don’t decide when decorating your home with a single style because you like all of them or simply none of them convinces you, eclecticism can be your style.

Therefore, it’s about choosing what you like most of each style and make it coexist in the same space, to create the eclectic design that best represents you and your space. As a result, you will get a sophisticated and unique interior.

Eclectic Style: What is it and how do I apply it in my home?

Tip 1: Colors and accessories

Achieving an eclectic space without losing aesthetic and functional coherence may seem challenging, but there are a few tricks that professionals share when it comes to designing an interior in this style.

If you are afraid that the mix of colors will overwhelm you or not look the way you expect, keep white color on the walls and neutral colors in the main furniture of the space. Try combining different colors in decorative accessories such as fabrics, cushions, paintings, etc., these will help create the desired contrasts and mix of styles. This way you can start incorporating the mix of colors little by little and see how the eclectic style suits your room.

Eclectic Style: What is it and how do I apply it in my home?

Tip 2: How many styles to choose from

All styles have something characteristic that can make any decor lover fall in love with them. However, in the eclectic style, it is advisable not to mix more than 3 styles if you still don’t feel entirely confident because the more you include, the harder it will be to run away from chaos.

Choose the main characteristics of the 3 styles that you like the most and combine them in your space creating an interior that fits 100% to your personality, designing a unique and original room.

Estilo Ecléctico: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

Tip 3: Timeless elements

Eclectic interiors are characterized not only by their originality, but also by their timelessness. This is because, with the combination of different styles, the desire to chase decorative trends is lost.

It is common to find in eclectic style interiors accessories with history, from busts to archaeological pieces, anything goes. It is also common to find vintage furniture, such as a baroque style sofa in the living room or a dining table inherited from a family member combined with modern style chairs.

Estilo Ecléctico: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

Tip 4: Beware of chaos

As we have been warning, in the eclectic style the line between good design and chaos is very thin. This is why you should always keep in mind that more doesn’t mean better. The space will already be loaded with colors, textures and furniture that communicate different messages, so you must be careful not to overload the room and create a sense of chaos.

Therefore, we recommend that you incorporate little by little all the elements that will inhabit the space. And if, once the decoration project is finished, you don’t feel satisfied with the result and it seems oversaturated, you don’t need to go back to the beginning, just try removing some elements to see if this solves the problem.

Eclectic Style: What is it and how do I apply it in my home?

Trick 5: Furniture sets

The eclectic style gives free rein to the imagination of whoever lives in the space to be decorated. However, getting carried away and mixing furniture of different styles can be a not so easy task.

Try to avoid buying complete furniture sets, as they would create a contrast with the spirit of the eclectic style. Avoiding buying a furniture set of one style will also help you balance the space so that no one style stands out over another.

Eclectic Style: What is it and how do I apply it in my home?

The eclectic style is perfect for those who can’t decide on a single style and want to let their creativity flow, making a space unique, personalized and original. However, an unmentioned and highly remarkable feature of the eclectic style is that it bets for a timeless design. The eclectic style moves away from trends giving a new life to those decorative elements and furniture that could be described as old-fashioned. From Ekohunters we support the decorative styles that bet on a conscious design without encouraging consumerism, which has a direct impact on our environment. In our marketplace you can also find sustainable furniture and accessories to make your space eclectic, personalized and unique.