A sustainable product, multipe functions and benefits. In the moment you acquire eco-designed balance boards, you are not only choosing to protect the environment through a responsible consumption, but also you have in your hands a sustainable product to take care of you and your family.

Sustainable quality and EKO seal for Abian’s eco-designed balance boards

At Ekohunters we offer three balance boards eco-designed by Abian that we would love to recommend. All of them are highly sustainable for using 100% toxic free, recyclable and renewable materials. 

Abian is a family company of two craftmen and nature lovers. They combine their habilities and compromise with the environment to create sustainable products. With Argi’s design and Jose’s carpentry knowledge, they’ve created these three balance boards. They are made up with selected natural birch wood, which guarantees its correct flexibility, resistance and durability. 

First we have the Zero eco-designed balance board. It’s delicately decorated with ash and sapely wood and its wooden roller, which allows the movement.

Following the style but with longer body, we have the Zortzi eco-designed balance board. In this case with details of sustainable walnut, maply and sampely wood. 

Finally, the eco-designed balance curve board. Unlike the previous ones this has no roller. Instead this one has curved body which makes it sway from one side to the other. It has an elegant and minimalistic design, finely detailed with chalk paint. Also it has a varnish with water-based materials which makes it different and unique. It comes in three different colors: wood, blue and mustard.

Responsible consumption for the kids too

The eco-designed balance board isn’t like any other toy. Handbooks and rules are left behind. Here, “free play”, finds its place.

It’s amazing to see how many number of use cases children find if you give one of these tables to them. From its conventional use or just simply rolling or jumping, to transform it into a hammock, a ramp, a bridge and even in combination with other toys are just a few we can imagine.

From the beginning, balance boards represent the possibility of encouraging the creativity, estability and the child’s awarness of his own body. Also, they contribut to develop and gain self-confidence and self-esteem. The continuous use of these balance boards allow the children to improve their motor skills and postures because of the position that they must adopt to keep the equilibrium. Not for nothing the physiotherapists use these tables in their sessions to help people get better postures and recover from injuries.

In addition, when we choose an ecodesigned board we are instilling the respect for the environment at their very first stage of life. This is one of the keys to the authentic internalization of habits. 

In conclusion, having a balance board at your home will not only mean another source of fun for your child, but also tool that follows a strong and empowered growth. 

Healthy lifestyle for the grown ups with eco-designed balance boards

But working the awareness of the own body is positive for the adults too. Focusing on the present and on the body’s ability to achieve balance over and over again after losing it, makes us concious of the body-mind relationship so necessary to live in harmony. In fact, yoga teachers use balance boards in its sessions. 

Being on a balance board, as in children, contributes to correcting bad posture habits for adults, while training different muscles. In this way the body is strengthened as well as the estability, coordination and the ability to concentrate. 

This is where the responsible consuption becomes a boomerang. We can see our respect for the environment returned to us in the form of health.

Of course, we must not forget about the fun that these boards bring also for adults, who doesn’t have that inner child? Find here all our eco-designed balance boards!