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Eco friendly floor lamps and how to identify them

Sustainable decoration is a trend and your floor lamps cannot be left behind. We believe that there are few decoration decisions as wise as that of beautifying a home in a natural way. This is for its energy, its design and, especially, for the care that the environment needs of our production and consumption systems.

In this new post of sustainable decoration, we present you some of our most exclusive floor lamps. In addition, we show you some of the aspects that make them an eco friendly. Thus, the next time you want to identify if a brand is sustainable or not, you’ll know perfectly on what to repair. 

The sustainable trend of the second life

Recycling is a trend, but it’s also about creativity. When the challenge of giving a new use to a product that has reached the end of its useful life begins, is the moment to let the imagination fly. Recycling it’s also about style. Who can deny the charm and the imprint of recycled objects? Pallets transformed into banks, bottles like pots, jars used to create candelabra, doors as tables or, as in the case we’ll show you: coils converted into ecological floor lamps!


Dutch brand Tolhuijs recovers coils from welding machines, that otherwise would become trash’s factory, and creates the stylish Spool floor lamp with them. This design is available in 6 different colors and it’s conceptually and visually ideal for lighting industrial-style spaces. So, it’s innovative, beautiful, sustainable and fashionable… bingo!

Giving an object a second life is not the only possible way to be part of the circular ecology. Many eco-designers convert the materials of some products into the raw material for new sustainable objects. For example, the spanish Creare firm reuses newspapers to create the Pluto floor lamp. A cosmic, porous and irregular design entirely handmade. Even the wood used for its support is water-varnished and its termination is done with beeswax. All natural and toxic-free products! And Pluto isn’t the only creation in this style, there is a whole collection inspired by the solar system! Meet Copernicus here.


If what you like the most about these two eco friendly floor lamps is their originality, we recommend you don’t miss the post “5 creative floor lamps for your home”.

Direct from nature

Other fact that makes a product sustainable is its manufacturing with natural materials. For example, the minimalist Tripod floor lamp from the firm Almut Von Wildheim is made 100% with organic, renewable and biodegradable raw materials. Its high-quality lampshade is made of alpine hay and colored flowers, its support with oak wood and the cable wrapped with natural jute fiber. This combination of materials and its craft production make each lamp unique and unrepeatable.


The social responsibility behind the eco friendly floor lamps

On the other hand, we want to highlight the eco friendly floor lamp from the Argentine firm Estepa. A spherical design that seeks to represent the horneros’ nest, an iconic bird of South America, and its main material, recycled cardboard, is delicately aligned with that objective. A piece that connects creativity, sustainability and social responsibility. And here is another key to recognize an eco friendly firm: its involvement with social projects.

In the process of producing their lamps, Estepa trains and employs people from disadvantaged sectors. In this way, their products not only contribute to a more sustainable industry but also to a necessary social inclusion. Get to know their entire ecological catalog here!


In this same line, the Good & Mojo eco friendly floor lamps appears in the centre of the stage. These simple bamboo pieces, full of character, elegance and design, are available in multiple sizes and colors, including denim. As happens with Estepa, there is a social project running through this Dutch firm.

The firm donates to the Wakawaka Foundation, which provides solar lamps to people in humanitarian need, a percentage of the profit from each of their exclusive sold designs. Thus, social responsibility begins with every person who purchases a Good & Mojo product. As the company says: Buy light, donates light!