Sustainable ecohouses

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Showing all 15 results

At Ekohunters, we work with the best architects to bring you closer to the world of eco-friendly houses, and we offer a great selection of modern and sustainable house designs. Explore this section to learn more about building green homes, the materials they use to be efficient homes, and finding your affordable, prefab eco house.

Among the modern and eco-friendly houses that we offer, modular houses, mobile homes, and domes stand out. All of them are eco-designed with a high commitment to the environment. And intended for both the tourism sector and those who want to live in contact with nature.

Eco modular houses

Eco modular houses are prefabricated houses that are built in the factory and transported to their final location. They have a high degree of versatility to adapt to the environment, and to each specific functionality need.
Its construction is eco-efficient with wood from forest operations with a chain of custody, and that are PEFC certified. This verification ensures that the development follows the required sustainability criteria, guaranteeing that the world’s forests are managed responsibly. On top of that, they do not modify or alter the terrain on which they are located.
In addition, these ecohouses guarantee thermal and acoustic comfort using sustainable insulating materials. In this sense, they are eco-designed so that they have minimal temperature losses and gains during the different seasons.

Eco mobile houses

Eco mobile houses are a great alternative to affordable and sustainable housing as they are perfect for installing on land without building and with no need for works. Find out about the different options of wooden houses and fabric tents.
This type of construction is light and equipped for maximum comfort inside. Among them, you will find cabins suspended in the trees, ideal for those who want to get their bed outside and spend the night under the stars.
And their eco-responsible aspect has made them the latest trend in sustainable tourism.


The domes or geodesic domes are pinewood structures covered with waterproof textiles. They are created with a high commitment and respect for the environment throughout the entire value chain of the product.
The architects and eco-designers dedicated to the manufacture of these domes, place great importance on using sustainable materials and following a respectful production process. But they also take care of the team, the work environment, and the treatment with the client.
These domes offer an ideal environment for outdoor events such as concerts, weddings, yoga workshops, meetings or activities with children.
Explore the sustainable structures we offer at Ekohunters to find the one you like best.