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Piñero geodesic house-0
Piñero geodesic house-11861
Piñero geodesic house-11859

A geodesic house is one built with geodesic domes, which are constructed by means of bars following a geometry based on divisions of an icosahedron, one of the 5 platonic solids, a regular polyhedron with 20 triangular faces.


This system makes it possible to cover large spaces with a minimum consumption of material and quickly thanks to its modular composition, which also makes it possible to reduce costs. It was the American architect Buckmister Fuller who in the middle of the 20th century systematised the design and calculation of geodesic domes and since then it has been used as a solution for many constructions, from greenhouses to exhibition halls and housing.


The interior spaces that it generates are wide, enveloping, warm and with a natural lighting that can come from different points. Among the benefits of this type of construction we could highlight the following:

First of all, the construction system allows to speed up the work, to reduce material and therefore to reduce costs, but obtaining a very resistant structure to winds and earthquakes.

On the other hand the interior spaces that it generates are warm, enveloping and with the possibility of being very efficient energetically. I

n addition, in our case we are interested in integrating the geodesic solution with a more environmentally sustainable construction, taking care of the use of natural materials such as wood, so that our homes are healthy (without toxic materials) and environmentally sustainable or ensuring thermal comfort with minimal energy consumption

Piñero geodesic house

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