Ecodesign is the manufacturing process whose objective is not only based on the final manufactured product, its costs, quality.., but its development takes also into account the environment variable.

Its final objective is a productive system that optimizes the product in parameters such as the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing process, its use, maintenance and, finally, the end of its life.

Furthermore, in its commercialization, it observes environmental issues as important as its packaging, transport and distribution. All with the aim of seeking environmentally sustainable and innovative solutions that guarantee a social and environmental development according to the right that protect it, the right to an adequate environment.

About Ekohunters

In this scenario, the need to manufacture with conscience, correlative to the need to consume with conscience, is an obligation in which we must involve each and every one of us.

Nowadays, it is more necessary than ever to put value on these fundamentals since we have a reached a point where our consumption and exploitation of resources is putting at risk the future of next generations.

We must recover the sustainability of the system and along the way, bet on the conservation of the environment in which we live and which is the basis of our well-being.

This should undoubtedly be the objective with which we take responsibility for the challenge that this paradigm change supposes: Ecodesign, a better world.