Good&Mojo is empowered by it’s about RoMi, based along the oldest canal in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands.

Since 1993 they have been creating homeware & lighting for your home with hard work, dedication and above all pleasure.

They get their inspiration from urban life in the city, but also nature gives them plenty of ideas. They love simple yet strong design in pure materials.​ The Mojoz, want to do good by creating sustainable lighting & helping people at the same time.

For every lamp you buy, they donate to the WakaWaka Foundation, who provide solar lamps to people in need of light in humanitarian aid situations in off-grid area’s throughout the world.​ So when you buy light, you give light! As simple as that.

They only use sustainable materials for this unique, lighting range, such as cork, recycled paper pulp, wood chips, eco-linen and bamboo in all its varieties. Each lamp is named after a mountain, national park, river…

Michiel van Mierlo

Michiel van Mierlo is the Co-Owner and Brand Ambassador of Good&Mojo. Good&Mojo is the little sister of the Dutch design company it’s about RoMi, established in 1993.

After introducing every year a sustainable lamp in urban collection “Citylights” Michiel and the two other co-owners Rob and Norma decided to take a step further and launch the first sustainable lighting brand ! In 2016 was launched Good&Mojo, a lighting concept with love for the planet & people.