How to create an ecofriendly children’s room

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’ve an ecofriendly lifestyle and you would like to transfer your respect for nature and the world that surrounds us to your children’s lifestyle. We highly support that initiative, we believe that it’s the starting point for a strong collective change in the future. That is why we wanted to write this article where you can find how to create an ecofriendly children’s room.

Also, what better for a child than growing up in a natural and healthy environment? It should not be forgotten that infants are in a stage of strong sensitivity to the influences of the context. Also, their room is the space in which they spend the most time, either to sleep, play and even study when they are older.

But first, we would like to remind you that you also have available in our Ekoblog two other interesting articles: “Guide to choosing sustainable toys” and “10 sustainable toys and why they are good for children’s health“, to complement the reading. This point is very important, since children are in constant contact with their toys and that, consciously and unconsciously, affects their personality, their health and their relationship with the world.


Ecofrienfly cots and beds

The bed or the cot are one of the most important objects in the ecofriendly children’s room. In addition to being comfortable, it’s important that the materials with which they are made are sustainable. From the raw material that composes them to the textiles present in them such as sheets and pillowcases. In the latter case, it’ll always be convenient to choose vegetable fibers, such as certified organic cotton.

For example, the Cucos Baby collection consists of 11 cots that have a basket handcrafted with 100% natural palm, approved by the EU. In addition, its cover, pillow and duvet are made of 100% organic cotton fabric and filled with wadding. Click here to see all available models


Another excellent example for an ecofriendly children’s room is the Bella Cradle  by Cocò & Design. It’s made with poplar plywood panels with 0% formaldehyde, non-toxic soy-based gluing and ecological paints made with renewable materials that come from innovative refining processes of vegetable waste. All this mentioned helps to avoid indoor pollution, improving the air quality in the room.


Finally, it’s worth highlighting the Coco Cot and the Harrison Cot from the Bunny & Clyde firm. Both models are made with European ash wood and with the possibility of converting into a bed with its “Conversion Kit”. This functionality is ideal for extending the life cycle of the product, one of the strongest goals of sustainable design.


Chairs and stools for an ecofriendly children’s room

When creating an ecofriendly children’s room, it’s important to keep in mind other objects with a great use in children’s lives: chairs and stools. Whether they use them at play, study or food time, it’s important to their health that they are sustainable, comfortable and with a good quality.

A very interesting proposal from Cocò & Design is its Lapo Stool Set, made with the same materials and processes as the Bella Cradle mentioned above. It consists of 3 stools that can be small tables at the same time. In addition to fulfilling the proper function of a chair and a table, they stimulate the creativity and cognitive development of children with the implicit challenge of making the 3 blocks 1 single object.


From the same firm is the Maso chair-library or, as they call it, “the learning tower”. Maso is a high stool with some shelves that also make it a bookcase. Ideal to accompany adults in tasks such as preparing food, reading and gaming.


Cucuducho is a firm that also takes the concept of the game and turns it into a chair: Cuncha. It’s a comfortable, friendly and easy-to-move model made of recycled cotton and iron. Its hollow interior, together with two internal straps, allow it to work at the same time as a basket for transporting objects or storing toys.


Finally, when children grow they begin to need other models of chairs, adapted to their new activities and their greater height, chairs like Lilly are a great example. In fact, it can be for both children and adults. It’s made of certified bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources in the world. The We Do Wood firm, in addition to only working with certified plantations, doesn’t apply any chemical product in the processing or manufacturing of its furniture.


Remember that you can visit our Kids section to find all the sustainable products that we have at Ekohunters so you can create an ecological children’s room.