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Ecofriendly desks for home office

If we have learned anything in 2020, it’s that sometimes some situations are out of our control. Millions of people have been forced to reduce their circulation, spend almost the entire day at home and even leave the office behind to work from home. And it’s precisely on this last point that we want to emphasize, especially if it is your case. In this article we want to show you some ecofriendly desks  that we have for home office.

Repairing this is important, since like the desk chair, having a comfortable desk will make your workday healthy and, probably, much more productive. And if it’s also sustainable, you’ll also be actively contributing to the health of the planet. Remember that ecologic products tend to have a longer life cycle than their non-sustainable alternatives, so you’ll also be betting on a piece of furniture that will accompany you for a long period.

Creative like a puzzle

The Arch ecofriendly desk from the Bulgarian firm Lock is creative, high quality and participative. It’s a modular furniture that is assembled from the interlocking system that characterizes it. Thus, like a puzzle, the buyer becomes a co-creator of the desk by assembling the pieces one by one. In turn, this system ensures the firmness and durability of the furniture.


The Arch ecofriendly desk is made of beech wood, through the CNC routing process, resulting in zero waste production. In addition, the fact that it’s produced in lightweight plywood makes the emissions generated low. Finally, it’s hand-polished and greased with BIOFA, solvent-free oil.

A piece of furniture that combines art, functionality and respect for the environment, and that conveys the feeling of warmth and comfort characteristic of natural materials. It can be ordered in different colors of dyes at an additional cost. You can click here for more information on the Arch ecofriendly desktop.

The consolation of work disorder

It’s not news that when we work we turn the desk into a real chaos. Books, pens, cables, sheets, clips, mobile phones, glasses, among other elements, are distributed over the entire surface, making order difficult and that unconsciously leads to a decrease in feelings such as optimism. Lithuanian firm Emko specializes in creating smart designs that bring comfort to everyday tasks. In this way, the My Writing ecofriendly desk is an excellent piece of furniture to find a place, accessible and visible, for each object that we use during our work day.


It’s a desk made of ash wood that has storage wings around the table. Between them, there are free spaces that allow the passage of electrical cables. It also has a drawer to store the laptop and other tools such as notebooks or folders. Without a doubt, this is an ecofriendly desk designed for workers who seek to carry out their tasks in an orderly, optimistic and respectful with the environment

An ecofriendly desk that tells stories

As IMO itself says, the ecofriendly desk Alpha is the result of the union between simplicity, aesthetics, the pleasure of observing and the feeling of longing for the old. Jordi Quintana, its creator, observes people and their relationship with nature, recycles common objects of sustainable wood giving them a second life and creating new unique ecodesigned pieces with hidden past stories.


Alpha is made of recycled cedar wood and it’s a large table for 4 people. Also it has a small container in the middle where you can place objects or even a little ice with drinks to always have close. A wood-inspired design, thought for workers looking for a tangible link between nature and their office work.

A haven for little secrets

Le Point D firm has created a sustainable desk with surprise. What do we mean? At first glance the CO2 ecofriendly desk appears to be a delicate and smooth table, with clean lines, a slim frame and slightly flared legs. But just by lifting its lid, we can discover a world of storage, with 4 compartments and a central drawer at the bottom.


Plus we have another surprise, it’s fully customizable! Choose the color, the material and the finish you prefer, whether in wood or a glossy lacquer. CO2 unifies simplicity with functionality, while reinventing the shape and concept of the seventies style.

If you’re in the mood to see more designs, you can enter our ecofriendly desks section to find all our available models. And remember: when working, bet on comfortable, optimal and sustainable furniture, it’s good for the health of the planet and for yours.