Eikon Shell pendant lamp


by Schneid

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Eikon Shell
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EKO Label
Eco-effectiveness and sustainability degree of the product

Reused / Recycled materials i 0%

Recyclable materials i 100%

Renewable materials i 43%

Toxic free i 100%

Non petroleum plastics i 100%

Transport Emitions generated from origin to the factory 0.251kg CO2

i Type of energy used Not renewable

i Generated Emisions from Energetic consume Sin datos

Made in Germany

Product weight 7kg

Distance kg CO2 eq
100 km 0.084 kg CO2 eq
500 km 0.418 kg CO2 eq
1.000 km 5.64 kg CO2 eq
3.000 km 16.92 kg CO2 eq
6.000 km 33.84 kg CO2 eq
10.000 km 56.4 kg CO2 eq
15.000 km 84.6 kg CO2 eq

Use life cycle 0 years

Aesthetical life cycle 0 years

Emisions generated by Material 1 1.39 kg CO2 eq

Emisions generated by Material 2 0.28 kg CO2 eq

En caso de Import/ Export , los gastos de aduana serán cobrados aparte por la agencia de aduanas de su país.
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Eikon Shell pendant lamp designed by Niklas Jessen , julia Múlling

Eikon Shell with certified wood base and steel screen in minimalist and elegant colors. Customizable cable color: Black (default), White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, Cream.


Characteristics of Eikon Shell pendant lamp

Main Raw Material Wood Secondary raw Material Steel
Height (cm) 54 Width (cm) 32
Depth (cm) 32 Height Packed (cm) 70
Width Packed (cm) 60 Depth Packed (cm) 20
Weight Packed (Kg.) 8.0000 Weight (Kg.) 7
Bulb included No Bulb Type LED (max 10W) or Halogen (max 60W)
Watts (max.) 60 Bulb Cap Type E27
Cable (cm) 300

General description of Eikon Shell pendant lamp

Eikon Shell appears more straightforward in its design, and it is even more versatile in terms of design and function. Eikon is made of certified wood and a lampshade that is attached simply with the help of magnets. The wooden socket of the lamp constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp. The lampshade, made of steel or silicone and available in two different sizes, forms a perfect contrast with its vibrant colors or with its elegant and reflecting surface. With the magnetic connecting system, the lampshade can be changed with little effort for another color, shape or material which can be easily attached to the wooden base.