Our guaranty of environmental commitment

The EKO Seal analyzes criteria to evaluate each of the properties, which we consider should be considered when designing and developing an eco-designed product, that is a product which, as much as possible, contributes to the sustainability and improvement of the quality of people’s life.

It arises from the need to certify, not only the manufacturing process but also the product itself, analyzing the whole value chain of the same.

The objective is to highlight the environmental benefits of the product, allowing this way to the interested buyer to make a purchase that responds not only to their tastes and needs, but only to the sustainability criteria.

This EKO Seal values the fundamental principles of Eco-design whose ultimate goal is none other than the protection of the environment through the implementation in all the stage of the product’s life cycle of environmental and sustainability criteria from the product’s conceptualization to its treatment as residue.

eko label

The EKO seal is the embodiment of the vision and values of Ekohunters – inspire a change in the industry.

On the one hand, trying that the industry in general adopts a new paradigm in its activity, which is none other than that of respect for the environment in which it is developed. That is, the adoption of Eco-design as a mean of manufacturing, which entails an activity based on a sustainable economy more necessary than ever in the current horizon. On the other hand, trying to convince the final consumer that it is necessary to consume with sustainable conscience and that there are no excuses for not doing it. In this sense, providing these customers with the necessary tools so they can access a more sustainable consumption in their daily life.

Do you want to know more about what is eco-effectiveness? What are the environmental impacts and what does “kg CO2 equivalent” means?

We will keep publishing about it in the next entries in our blog.