What makes cork lamps sustainable?

What makes cork lamps sustainable?


Prioritizing sustainable furniture is one of the smart decisions to combat climate change caused by human activity. In this sense, one of the most important aspects that should be taken into account when analyzing the sustainability level  of a product is the origin of its raw material. In this article we talk about the environmental impact of using cork as a material and we show you some of our most creative and sustainable cork table lamps.


Why is cork a sustainable material?

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak and is characterized by its sustainable nature. It’s a 100% natural, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable material and, in addition to generating oxygen like every trees, it has a really high absorption ratio of CO2 emissions, making the cork a material aligned with the need of reducing the carbon footprint generated by production systems. On top of that, cork oaks are capable of achieving strong development in sandy and nutrient-deficient soils, allowing water retention and generation of organic matter.

The use of cork for sustainable furniture

The use of cork as a raw material for the production of sustainable furniture is becoming increasingly relevant, and this is because of its low cost compared to other materials and other multiple characteristics that make it suitable. Thanks to its atomic composition, cork is highly resistant to temperature and pressure variations. This results in products with a very long life cycle. Also, it’s easy to upcycling, lightweight and waterproof. The latter makes the products made of cork optimal for humid areas of the home, such as bathrooms.

Don’t be surprised to find out that all our models of cork table lamps that we show you here are from eco-designers from Portugal. This country is the world's leading producer of cork, followed by Spain.

Ecodesign and functionality

Because we love freedom and functionality in ecodesigns, we want to show you two lamps that are characterized by adapting themselves to different needs and functions. In the first place, the Mantu cork table lamp. Thanks to its adjustable cover, you have the possibility to choose the most convenient light for a particular situation or room. Thus, you can go with a more directional lighting to highlight a specific section of the environment or a more general one to light the entire space.


Mantu is a creation of Dedal, a firm very committed to environmental responsibility when producing its objects. It constantly seeks to be part of a more conscious approach of consumption that contributes to transforming the world into a more sustainable one.

When designers merge their creativity with environmental commitment, they create very interesting pieces. That is why, in second place, we introduce you to the Galula firm, whose uniqueness lies on giving happiness and fun to everyday objects and furniture. Thus, its Glint # 1 and Glint # 3 cork table lamps not only represent the possibility of lighting up a space but also of organizing and decorating it.


The design is based on a cork lamp that has a magnet so it is able to locate in its second component a metal structure. Depending on where the lamp is placed on the support, the intensity of the light will vary, as well as the possibility of turning it into a table for small items; or a holder for the keys; or an organizer for books, magazines or notebooks. Glint is available in black and white, with up to 4 different colors for the cable.

The beauty of geometric designs

The simplicity embraced by geometric design never loses its charm, much less in modern times where minimalism is more prominent than ever. Look at Dedal's Kapsulo cork lamp, as beautiful as original. Its design makes the light soft, ideal for creating relaxing atmospheres or highlighting warm focal points on a wall.


From the capsule design we move directly to the square with the Agaphanto cork table lamp from HR Design Studio. This design is inspired by the Aslily of the Nile flower and it has a wooden support, which is available in 5 different colors. In this same line, you can find on our website the beautiful series of 4 cork table lamps Moco by Cork Modular.


An eco-design that is originated by the objective of reducing waste and reuse the cork trimmings left over in the production of other products. Cork Modular is committed to making 100% sustainable and renewable objects, bringing a positive and happy spirit to homes. The cork block of the Moco design is available in different colors, as well as the cable. You can even request the color combination that you prefer if it is not among the options already offered.