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Ekohunters commits to eco-architecture


[…] Urbanization and development are inextricably linked and it is necessary to guarantee a way of ensuring the sustainability of growth. Urbanization has become a driving force and a source of development with the power to change and improve lives»

United Nations Habitat III Conference.

Since its inception, Ekohunters has sought to raise society’s awareness of responsible consumption that leads to a more sustainable and equitable society, that is, to ensure not only our current well-being but also that of future generations.

With this aim, Ekohunters has adopted the principles of Ecodesign as a value capable of inspiring the necessary changes in consumption that will represent a step forward towards the social and environmental responsibility that is so necessary to achieve social sustainability.

With such an objective in mind, we now intend to go one step further and try to assume the same values in another key sector for development: Architecture. A sector also needing these values of innovation, development, and social and environmental responsibility.


Today we can announce our commitment to sustainable architecture or eco-architecture, an architecture based on the principles of sustainability.

An architecture far from the speculative value of extensive building construction.

An architecture that, to the best possible degree, translates our vision and values to the public. But above all an architecture that inspires future change.

Avant-garde, efficient, committed and responsible towards the environment in which it is located. This eco-architecture matches the commitment of Ekohunters’ customers. In short, an architecture that shows a new way, that breaks with old obsolete standards and that assumes the ever-changing needs of a world that requires being socially and environmentally sustainable.