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Climate change and its main consequence, global warming, are undeniably among the most important problems and challenges facing humanity today. The future of the planet depends to a large extent on our ability to manage the environmental effect that our actions.

At Ekohunters we are no strangers to this reality and we work to reduce our environmental impact on a daily basis, reducing and compensating our carbon footprint, and even covering the indirect emissions generated by our strategic partners, whether they are logistics operators, customers or any other type of company with which Ekohunters operates globally throughout the world.

Similarly, we care about our small daily gestures. Following the fundamental principle of «think globally, act locally» we carry out a control of our personal and company footprint in our local environment trying to reduce consumption.

From the very beginning of our business journey, back in the second half of 2016, we committed to reducing our GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, for which we registered Ekohunters with the Spanish Ministry of the Environment (Mapama) as a company committed to quantifying and reducing its emissions on a local scale at its facilities in Bilbao (certificate below).


ekohunters carbon footprint

As a result of our company policy and our concern to preserve the
environment in which we live, whilst also showing that a system based on sustainability is possible (combining business development and environmental commitment) we took a step further, directly offsetting our carbon footprint of the year 2017.

The exponential growth of Ekohunters over the last year, meant an increase on our carbon footprint and a greater commitment therefore, an exercise of responsibility at the level of activity. With this objective in mind, we have joined the CeroCO2 project, which gave us the necessary support to implement commitment to the fight against climate change and the preservation of natural ecosystems.

The CeroCO2 project is part of the Voluntary Carbon Market, and has projects located in developing countries with the dual objectives of combating climate change and poverty. Ekohunters voluntarily compensated for both our own emissions and those of our strategic global partners, a total which ascended to 12,054 tons of CO2. This year our compensation was provided through the project “Conservación de la Amazonía en Madre de Dios” in Peru – (Phase 2).

ekohunters carbon footprint

This project covers 100,000 hectares of forest in an area located less than 50 km from the new inter-oceanic highway that will connect Brazil with the Peruvian ports, in the region that belongs to the Vilcabamba-Amboró Ecological Corridor in the Peruvian Amazon, one of the key biodiversity points of the planet.

Highlights of the project:

  • The forest where the project is located is highly relevant in terms of biodiversity conservation as it is home to four endangered tree species and eleven endangered animal species.
  • From a social point of view, the project will contribute to the sustainable development of rural producers and indigenous communities living in the area by financing ecological production projects.

ekohunters carbon footprint

Being able to implement our values through actions like this one is and will always be a reaffirmation of our philosophy and they way we think business should be done. To speak of ecodesing, the very thing Ekohunters stands behind, is to speak of commitment to the planet, and to a society involved in its sustainability. A commitment to fight against climate change, and poverty, and all the big issues currently hurting the planet and all the people in it.

We are confident that we can continue to increase our personal and financial involvement in the coming years to achieve even more ambitious goals and open up new fronts for action. This commitment and responsibility to our causes is and will be a hallmark of our value, which inevitably marks the future of our activity.

Every little gesture counts, take responsibility. Ecodesign! Design responsibly or buy responsibly. The future of the planet is at stake.