Eko Label, promoting knowledge

ECODESIGNA design process that examines the environmental impacts of a product throughout its entire life cycle.

We want you to understand why Ekohunters products are considered sustainable.

Our self developed EKO LABEL allows us to examine and assess the level of eco-effectiveness of any product and therefore its level of commitment. This information is offered to our customers so that they can add the "sustainability" factor to their purchasing motivations. We guarantee that all products, both handmade and manufactured, meet our standards in terms of materials, innovation, recyclability, reusability, production, biodegradability and compostability, renewal rate and absence of toxins and Petroleum based plastics.

Materials Ecoeffectiveness

We have developed all our services with the aim of contributing to the international promotion and sale of eco-designed products.

Reuse of Materials

We analyse the % of recycled and/or reused raw materials in order to reduce the demand for raw materials and reduce the waste inherent in their extraction and processing.

Materials Rerciclability

We analyze the use of materials that can be incorporated at the end of their life cycle as raw materials into other products containing recycled products, thus reducing the impact resulting from the extraction and processing of raw materials.

Renewable materials use

We promote and value the use of materials that come from raw materials with a high rate of renewal in replacement of materials from finite raw materials.


We promote and value the design of toxic-free products, about the certainty that the products we buy end up releasing part of the substances they contain and that these can be absorbed by us through touch or breathing.

Non plastic petrol

We promote and value the use of bioplastics. We believe that these plastics are the healthiest type of plastics and the cleanest and most effective alternative to traditional plastics (petroleum derivatives).

Product Ecoeffectiveness

CARBON FOOTPRINT We promote and value the design of products with low greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 among others) in all stages of their life cycle, causing Global Warming.
The carbon footprint goes beyond the single measurement of CO2 emissions, as all greenhouse gases that contribute to Global Warming are taken into account.


The objective is to inform about the type of energy used in this stage and the environmental impact generated by the consumption of this energy.


We provide the consumer with the potential impact of the distribution of the purchase made. The consumer will be able to estimate which is the footprint of his purchase according to the origin and destination of the same, according to the distance covered by the product purchased from its origin to the place of delivery set by the buyer.


The aim is to report on the durability of the products, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, as both will influence the rate at which they are discarded and therefore have a greater or lesser impact.

End of life cycle

We analyze the recyclability of each of the components of the product to know if it is possible to reintroduce it back into the market as part of a new product, i.e. by reusing it, or on the contrary it is destined to be destroyed.

We therefore analyse the eco-effectiveness throughout the entire life cycle of the product, which is summarised in the following phases.

t includes the procurement of raw materials and components.

It includes the production of the product.

It takes into account the distribution, use and end of life of the product.

Warranties and certificates

We promote and value the effort made by designers to certify the environmental benefits of part or all of the production process of their products through the different environmental seals existing in the market.

In short, the EKO seal is a detailed study of all the products in our marketplace that aims to highlight their environmental properties, as well as detect areas for improvement with respect to the impact they may have on the environment.

The aspects analysed have been developed taking into account the philosophy and values of Ekohunters, always providing information based on the data provided by the designers.

Therefore, the Eko Seal is a quality standard that allows us to identify those products that can be marketed within our marketplace, being a differential value with respect to other non-ecodesigned products marketed in the market.