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Architecture and The Environment - Bioclimatic Architecture

By Ekohunters December 8, 2017 5 Views No comments

In the past, implementing environmental solutions in buildings was little more than an experimental criterion. Nowadays, however, we can speak not only of bioclimatic architecture and low impact buildings, but of bioclimatic urbanism that takes into account as one of its fundamental variables the environment, and its development and protection.

Interview with Jaanus Orgussar

By Alize Menendez November 30, 2017 23 Views No comments

A native Estonian, Jaanus Orgusaar began in 2010 with his design project where he explores the forms of nature through creating furniture designs from sustainable production, resulting in furniture that combines simplicity and refined beauty.

Leaf Republic on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez November 27, 2017 27 Views No comments

After an inspiring trip to India, where he first heard about Patravali plates; Pedram Zolgadri, together with Carolin Fiechter founded Leaf Republic. They manufacture plates and packaging material from leaves - natural, renewable and biodegradable. An innovative way to disrupt the packaging industry and help tackle the global plastic waste problem.

Ekohunters commits to architecture

By Ekohunters Co-founders November 24, 2017 32 Views No comments

"Urbanization and development are inextricably linked and it is necessary to guarantee a way of ensuring the sustainability of growth. Urbanization has become a driving force and a source of development with the power to change and improve lives".

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide - Kids Edition

By Alize Menendez November 22, 2017 75 Views No comments

Christmas is approaching, a season of holidays, family gathering, big meals... And of course, presents. We know that you don't want give just any present that you always have the welfare of the kids in mind. That is why we have created this sustaineble gift guide, with products that not only take care of the environment, but that will take care of the little ones. Have a look!

Interview with Pablo Saracho, from Wodibow

By Alize Menendez November 17, 2017 123 Views No comments

After a series of successes in the field of graphic design, Pablo Saracho decided to give free rein to his imagination and return, why not, to being a child. To do the things that really gave him hope and also in a committed way, manifesting his values along the way. This is how Wodibow was born, a project of entrepreneurship that combines imagination with great awareness of who we are and where we have to go. We talked to Pablo about this experience.

Interview with Alba Albelda and Ramón Goñi, from Deriva

By Alize Menendez November 10, 2017 64 Views No comments

Alba and Ramon had a dream. Why not design and manufacture products using recycled materials? Why not offer these materials the opportunity to gain a new value? They found the answer to that which they had so much dreamed about in their surroundings: the sea. Thus Deriva was born. From the use of discarded sails, they designed a line of beautifully designed objects that are already proving to be a success.

Interviewing Simonas Tarvydas, from Indi

By Alize Menendez October 27, 2017 1029 Views No comments

Indi is a Lithuanian design brand known for its original creations and unique recycled paper technology which allows creating the fascinating illusion of objects that seem made of heavy concrete but are in fact are extremely lightweight. We interview Simonas Tarvydas - owner of the brand and developer of REPAPER technology. Introducing two new products!

Inspiring Companies: Precious Plastic

By Alize Menendez October 25, 2017 183 Views No comments

Precious Plastic was founded in Oct, 2013 by Dave Hakkens and it has since been providing open source machines, tools, knowledge and infrastructure to transform plastic waste into valuable products. Free and for everyone.

Faina Design on Ekohunters

By Alize Menendez October 24, 2017 63 Views No comments

We welcome Faina Design to Ekohunters! Artisan furniture collection FAINA was created in 2014 by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoriya Yakusha, and was awarded with the Industart prize from the international industrial design competition in 2015. Designed around warm elements and materials such as felt, wool, and wood, this minimalist ethnic collection has its focus point and central element on clay.