Dish rack mix (inlay)

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Dish rack mix (inlay)
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Dish rack mix (inlay) diseñado por Linda and Oliver Krapf

The active zone of kitchen A la carte II system offers high efficiency for limited space: Various repositories ensure effective operations in the kitchen. Prepared sets are available but combinations can also be selected individually. This inlay comprises: 1 x dish rack high and 1 x dish rack low. Heat resistant up to max. 50°. You can add the plain repository to complement it with "A la Carte II".


Características de Dish rack mix (inlay)

Material Principal Wire Color Principal White
Ancho / Largo (cm) 13.5 Fondo (cm) 13.5
Alto (cm) 0,5/6,5 Dimensiones Embalado (alto X ancho X fondo) 30 x 16 x 8 cm
Peso Embalado (Kg.) 2.0000 Peso (Kg.) 2

Descripción general de Dish rack mix (inlay)

This inlay comprises: 1 x dish rack high and 1 x dish rack low.

The active zone is created by connecting the modules of kitchen A la carte II. A variety of smart and functional elements can be used between the defined work stations. The accessory selection includes a stylish chopping board, a plain shelf, two shapes of dish racks, a trivet and a spicery. Without inlay the repository serves as a simple basin for fruit and vegetable or while cooking also for kitchen garbage.