Fifties Style Dining Table

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1.300 €
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Fifties Style Dining Table
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Fabricado en Alemania

Peso del producto 41kg

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Fifties Style Dining Table diseñado por Liam Hardman

Bespoke furniture with mid century style that will last a lifetime. Made from oak, walnut and hairpins. The item is completely customizable to any shape, size, and building material. Product also available in gloss with no extra cost.


Características de Fifties Style Dining Table

Material Principal Oak and Walnut Material Secundario Hairpins
Color Principal Wood Color Secundario Black
Ancho / Largo (cm) 180 Fondo (cm) 80
Alto (cm) 74.5 Dimensiones Embalado (alto X ancho X fondo) 190/90/10 plus 75/22/21
Peso Embalado (Kg.) 45.0000 Peso (Kg.) 41

Descripción general de Fifties Style Dining Table

Large, sleek and sophisticated dining table with mid-century style, made from dark oak, walnut and hairpins. It is handmade, customizable and large enough to seat 10-12 people. Combining clean simplicity with functional grace, this solid wood table will add an enduring and classic touch to any home or office, or make a lovely kitchen table. The 260-centimetre-long tabletop is made from delicately-cut thin Oak pieces and finished at the edges with darker Walnut caps. The edges of the table have been cut in at a 35 degree angle to add to the table’s streamlined look. The old-growth Oak is finished with a hard wax-oil to guarantee a long-lasting finish that still allows the wood’s unique beauty to shine through. Totally natural hard wax oil finish available in gloss or matt.

The item is completely customizable to any shape, size, and building material. This piece is handmade and variations in the metalwork and wood characteristic are to be expected. Wood grain and color vary from table to table as in from tree to tree. All the wood is, when possible, locally sourced and sustainable, and every piece is made to customer order, by hand, in their workshop. They strive to create beautiful furniture that will enrich your everyday life and last for generations.