Kammerdiener stool

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189 $
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Fabricado en Alemania

Peso del producto 4kg

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3.000 km 16.92 kg CO2 eq
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15.000 km 84.6 kg CO2 eq

Ciclo de Vida Útil 10 años

Ciclo de Vida Estético 9.9 años

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Kammerdiener stool diseñado por Linda and Oliver Krapf

Kammerdiener is a simplified chair that leans on the wall without the need for attachment. The front arms come in two styles (Him | Her) which fit together. Using a classical timber joint two singles can be assembled to a free standing frame.


Características de Kammerdiener stool

Material Principal Solid Ash Color Principal Wood
Ancho / Largo (cm) 40.5 Fondo (cm) 30
Alto (cm) 104 Dimensiones Embalado (alto X ancho X fondo) 115 x 44 x 35
Peso Embalado (Kg.) 6.0000 Peso (Kg.) 4

Descripción general de Kammerdiener stool

Modest in shape, the Kammerdiener will receive everybody’s wardrobe in a foyer, provide towels in the bathroom or will accept to be buried under a pile of clothes in the sleeping-room. The shape of the legs combined with the below rubber feet ensure the safe position against the wall. Its light weight makes it easy to relocate the Kammerdiener. Him and Her fit together as a graceful couple. An additional tray saves personal belongings.