Rain Cotton Rug White/off white

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90 €

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Fabricado en Dinamarca

Peso del producto 5kg

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Rain Cotton Rug White/off white diseñado por Tina Steneman

Handwoven rug made from cotton remnants upcycled from the fashion industry.


Características de Rain Cotton Rug White/off white

Ancho / Largo (cm) 65 Fondo (cm) 135
Dimensiones Embalado (alto X ancho X fondo) 67 x 25 x 25 Peso Embalado (Kg.) 5.2000
Peso (Kg.) 5

Descripción general de Rain Cotton Rug White/off white

The Rain Cotton Rug is handwoven in India, made from cotton remnants upcycled from the fashion industry. Designed in collaboration with the French industrial designer Jocelyn Deris, the rugs are inspired by the unique patterns the rain creates as it falls from the sky. Its modern graphic design and extra thickness will meet all of your comfort and style needs.