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Essential decoration accessories in your ecological living room

Eco-friendly living room: the sustainable home’s wild card. In there you can read your favourite books, watch your tv shows, have the most interesting conversations with your friends and share the funniest moments with your family. There’s nothing like a nice, cozy and environmentally friendly place to spend those beautiful moments of love and relaxation. Good news! Creating that sustainable space is entirely up to you and your commitment to the planet. Whether you want a bohemian space or a more elegant one, the decoration accessories you can include in your living room are a lot. However we consider there are 2 of them you cannot miss and here we’ll talk to you about them.  


Eco-friendly rugs up to your sustainable living room

No matter if you want zoning, just decorate or both. The sustainable rug is a key element for creating an ecologic and harmonious atmosphere in your living room. Because of that, the moment of choosing its design is very important, and in this sense there are some tips that you should take into account.  

For example, if your room is rather small, don’t pick large rugs or place many pieces over it. Otherwise you have the possibility to put multiple pieces of furniture. In this case is important taht they aren’t over packed, but with enough space around them. Add 20 centimeters on each side of the rug, in relation with the width of the sofa, and the margin of error will be zero. 

In this sense, at Ekohunters designs come up to ten different sizes. This is the case of the Rug Solid eco-friendly rugs. So you’ll not run out of options here!


Regarding the colors, it will depend on the style you look for your living room. Neutral and smooth rug designs carry elegance and are the easiest to combine, a safe bet no doubt. Neither we can deny the strong decorative nature of patterned and multicolored rug designs. This is the case of our blue and white cotton rug, with a touch of modernity, the white tee and jeans rug or the jeans rug patchwork which has that rustic style so characteristic of the denim. They are ideal for simple and brightning spaces. 


The importance of raw materials in decoration accessories

Finally, we want to talk about raw material, the key aspect of every product that wants to be sustainable. Also, it’s very important verify that the carpet you choose is produced with an ecological raw material. For example, a recycled leather rug which ensures durability and ease for cleaning. It’s a very important characteristics for rugs located in crowded areas of the house, as the living room or the hallways. Our eco-designer from Rug Solid offers a whole line of danish minimalistic and recycled leather rugs. Even one combined with natural jute.


 If we talk about durability, we shouldn’t forget to mention the recycled jean rugs. Rug Solid has some models crafted with denim remnants sourced from the fashion industry . Years will go and you won’t even notice!

 You can also choose recycled or natural cotton rugs for your sustainable living room. This used to be one of the most ecological materials used in the textile industry. Rug Solid for example combines it with recycled fishing nets in one of its patterned design rugs. We invite you to discover the collection of recycled cotton rugs that we have on our website. Available in more than 20 colors and 6 different sizes!

Options are limitless, you can find even recycled bicycle tubes rugs, ideal for industrial environments. Don’t miss out on this!


Blankets: multifunctional decoration accessories

Another sustainable home decoration accessory that won’t go unnoticed in your living room. By placing an eco-friendly blanket over your sofa you’ll be decorating the space, sheltering you and your guests in the cold winters and contributing to the development of a sustainable industry.

There is an infinity of blanket designs in the market, but the two aspects to keep in mind to get to the chosen one. Firstly, the color. The more neutral it is, the more elegant, combinable and timeless the blanket will be. You can choose colors like white, black, brown or pastel tones, among others. One of our eco-designers is an expert in this kind of decoration accessories. You can see the whole neutral blankets collection of Teixidors here. Also in this link you can learn about its inspiring story of social integration through its weavers. 


 Choosing a blanket in neutral tones is not only a strategic choice if you pretend move it to other home’s spaces from time to time, but also to play by mixing different textures or highlight some color details , as is in the case of Apt blanket and Sisteron blanket.


Eco-friendly raw material for blankets too

On the other hand, like with the rugs, it’s important that the blanket material you choose is ecological. In this sense, we recommend you natural linen, bamboo, organic cotton or some organic wool. All our Teixidors’ collection has organic merino wool blankets for example, and some of them combined with other types of wool like the Nebula cashmere wool blanket or Gobi baby yak wool blanket. Also, the colored ones have been colored with vegetable inks, which isn’t a minor detail when verifying the sustainability level of the product.


Now that you know which are our must-have accessories for your eco-friendly living room, we invite you to browse this section and find all the eco products we have to enhance that warm, cozy and ecological atmosphere that you want to create. Make your living room a place that no-one wants to leave!