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December 2018

The first ecologic and sustainable furniture for your little one. 9 eco-proposals for your first steps.

By Ekohunters December 27, 2018 No comments

In this post we have gathered nine proposals for sustainable furniture for children to feel in a fun environment, healthy and with the hallmark of Ekohunters; commitment and responsibility. Thinking about your future is thinking about sustainability. Ekohunters offers you these nine designers and their products for your home and that of your children.

Discover our six sustainable and ecologic wooden toys. Choose tradition and commitment this Christmas with Ekohunters.

By Ekohunters December 18, 2018 No comments

Discover our catalog of sustainable toys for your children and give illusion with this proposal that we present, where the protagonists are your children. Giving with https://www.ekohunters.com/paris.html is more than a detail, it is awareness and commitment. All our toys certify their sustainability, environmental safety and quality by eliminating any feature of toxic and hazardous materials for our children, also manufactured according to the criteria of the circular economy. Think about the future of the smallest and give in Ekohunters. Enter our toys section and choose from our catalogue.

9 eco-essential products this Christmas to bring sustainability to your table.

By Ekohunters Ekohunters December 18, 2018 No comments

This Christmas more than ever do not stop acting with conscience and commitment in your purchases. Look in Ekohunters the home accessories you need. Sustainability and design come together in a series of table accessories that will give distinction to your meals and dinners in a fun but elegant way with a casual style.

Our 10 outdoor eco proposals for this Christmas

By Ekohunters December 6, 2018 No comments

This Christmas we have for you at Ekohunters everything you need to enjoy your holidays whatever your plan. If you like to ski, skate, travel, listen to music do not forget to visit our section "lifestyle" and choose the look that best suits you or navigate among all the options we have to perform the activity that you like whether surfing, skateboarding, skiing everything at your fingertips in a few clicks.

Ekohunters is committed to the sustainability of all its products. All our designers follow strict manufacturing methods that result in products with a high standard of eco-effectiveness, raising the quality of them as well as offering commitment and responsibility in terms of sustainability.