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#Green Friday, the commitment to responsible consumption

#Green Friday, the commitment to responsible consumption
By Ekohunters November 14, 2018 No comments

Ekohunters, joins the #GreenFriday movement, which emerged in 2015 in response to Black Friday, with the aim of promoting sustainable consumption.

Assuming that consumption is a fact we cannot avoid, Green Friday puts on the table the same values and commitments promoted by Ekohunters.

A sustainable consumption, responsible and committed to the planet, giving prominence to all those companies and brands whose commitment to society and the planet is total.

  • Faced with excessive consumption, RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION ¡
  • Faced with waste and squandering, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT¡
  • Faced with neoliberal and mercantilist economic models, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT¡

special 15% discount on all our products from the 19th Monday to the 23rd Friday in November.

Our goal is none other than to promote the consumption of sustainable products as opposed to generalist products produced without any social or environmental criteria, thus contributing to promote a change in favor of an industry and consumption totally responsible with its environment.

Of course, and as we do the rest of the year, Ekohunters will plant 3 trees for each product sold through our collaboration in the One Tree planted. project. .

Don't think about it anymore and be part of the change. With your purchase you will be contributing to create a committed industry and a sustainable environment