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Sustainable pendant lamps

Sustainable pendant lamps
By Ekohunters- Uxue March 25, 2019 No comments

Discover our varied catalogue of pendant lamps produced with recycled, reusable and toxic-free materials. We have chosen five eco-designers who use different materials to produce unique lamps for the home. If you want to know all the products, go to our section of pendant lamps and choose from our catalog.

DECAFE, a Spanish brand of lamps and accessories ecodesigned from coffee grounds, a 100% natural biodegradable material, in objects of sustainable design. Each lamp is unique with a high quality finish and its own character.

LIU LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 80€

KAMARIA LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 465€

DUKA LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 180€

ORIKOMI, a Portuguese trade mark of Lisbon whose lampshades are made from high quality paper, carefully crafted and extremely easy to hang, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. Orikomi lamps are highly recyclable and promote the use of energy saving light bulbs as only these can be used together with these lamps.

PLAIN ORIKOMI PLUS-LIGHT TAUPE LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 69€

PLAIN ORIKOMI XL-PALE YELLOW LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 59€

PLAIN ORIKOMI-MINT BLUE LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 49€

GOOD & MOJO a brand from the Netherlands, inspired by urban life and city as by nature, offer lamps produced with sustainable materials such as cork, recycled paper pulp, wood shavings, ecological linen and bamboo in all its varieties. For every lamp purchased, Good & Mojo donates a percentage of the proceeds to the WakaWaka Foundation, which provides solar lamps to people in need of humanitarian aid.

YELLOWSTONE LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 199€

SAGANO DROP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 179€

IUMI a German brand located in the capital, produce lamps made of sustainably cultivated birch plywood. The wood is cut by laser and then hand finished, achieving a perfect fit. There are different models painted by hand using the most ecological natural pigments on the market, suitable for children and water repellent.

AION XL LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 215€

ENA LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 99€

SCHENEID is a German trade mark, which term could be translated as 'being bold', in some way introducing to the essence of its philosophy. Their project is based on producing lamps with processes and raw materials that are respectful for the environment and inspired by nature itself. In addition, they support local manufacturers by keeping short supply routes and by using local natural materials as the basis for their products. The vast majority of their lamps are made of wood, recyclable materials and are free of toxins.

EIKON SHELL LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 369€

JUNIT CRESCENT -110 V LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 199€

ZAPPY LAMP - Buy it at Ekohunters for 549€